Hyperpigmentation? Large pores? Bumpy texture? Dullness? Whatever it may be, an exfoliant will provide the smoothing solution. Exfoliating can sound a little scary, but it does not have to be! Exfoliants can actually be super gentle and effective, treating a large majority of skincare concerns. 

What are the benefits of exfoliating? 

Exfoliation, whether using a physical exfoliant or a chemical exfoliant is going to remove dead skin cells from the epidermis. A physical exfoliant approach utilizes microparticles or small granules whereas a chemical exfoliant is made with acids. Incorporating a daily exfoliant into your routine helps to keep the skin luminous and blemish free by removing dead skin cells and in turn, promoting cell turnover. How often you exfoliate and the method of exfoliation (physical or chemical) depends upon your skin type and your skin concerns. 

Physical Exfoliants 

Valmont Face Exfoliant

What is it: If you have been to us for a facial, you probably know this scrub! The Valmont Face Exfoliant is a mix between a microparticle exfoliant and a revitalizing cream which will remove impurities, dead skin cells and promote cell renewal. As a result, the complexion is soft and supple. This is the perfect addition to any routine or any “at home facial”! 

How to use it: Use this one to three times a week 

Who can use it: Dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, mature skin 

IS Clinical Tri-Active Exfoliating Masque

What is it: This powerful treatment mask is a mix between a physical and biochemical exfoliation. It combines powerful botanical enzymes, Salicylic Acid and eco-friendly micro-beads to get the best of both worlds, safely. After application, pores will appear smaller, visible signs of aging are improved and blemish-prone skin is improved.

How to use it: Once a week, apply a thin layer on damp skin, gently rubbing in circular motions; allow mask to sit for up to 5 minutes 

Who can use it: Blemish prone skin, aging skin, oily skin, mature skin

Chemical Exfoliants 

Danucera D22 Tonic

What is it: This glow-inducing prep-step is packed with natural acids, minerals, enzymes and vitamins. D22 Tonic will effectively exfoliate, tighten, reduce wrinkles and unclog pores while nourishing the skin with birch water extract. This is the perfect everyday product for anyone of any age and skin type looking to add in a gentle chemical exfoliant to their everyday routine. 

How to use it: Can be used everyday, AM and PM as a prep step before your favorite serums, masks and creams. 

Who can use it: oily skin, normal skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, combination skin, acne prone skin, mature skin

Biologique Recherche Lotion MC110 No.1

What is it: This is a restructuring lotion (toner) that exfoliates and tones the skin while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. 

How to use it: MC110 is used to supplement P50. Add a few drops into your hand and lightly massage into your face, neck and decollete

*Apply using the mini glove for optimal results 

Who can use it: Dull skin, thick skin, mature skin 

MBR Medical Beauty Research Enzyme Cleansing Booster

What is it: An innovative combination of gentle yet deep-pore cleansing ingredients, to leave the skin revitalized, radiant and purified. Fine lines, wrinkles and pores are minimized and you are left with an even complexion. 

How to use it: Add a dime sized amount of powder, emulsify with lukewarm water or your favorite milky cleanser (this will create a fluffy-gentle foam). Apply on damp skin and massage on face, neck and decollete in circular motions 

Who can use it: Combination skin, dull skin, oily skin, normal skin, mature skin

Whether you are using a physical exfoliant or a chemical exfoliant, your complexion is bound to be brighter and smoother almost instantly! Finding the right one for your skin and most importantly to target your specific skin goals is what will add that extra boost to your routine.

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