Next up is the Biologique Recherche Lotion P50. I have read a lot about this liquid exfoliant, another celebrity favorite that’s supposed to brighten and leave skin feeling smooth, with an odd array of ingredients including horseradish and onion extract. There are four different lotions in the range, and an in-store or online “skin analysis” is required before you can get ahold of a bottle.

Following my analysis, I’m recommended the P50W, the gentlest in the range. Victoria uses the P50, but because the line is so potent, it’s better to work up to it. For the first two weeks, you’re advised to use a few drops of the lotion applied to a dampened cotton pad, patting across the face, neck, and décolleté (without rubbing or passing over the same area more than once). I’m equally terrified and excited to give this one a go. The first time I use it, I find the lotion quite astringent and notice some tingling, especially on areas where my skin is sensitive due to blemishes. After a few days, my skin adjusts to it and there isn’t too much discomfort, although I’m always glad to follow it up with a moisturizing serum.