Winter is on its way and with the dip in temperatures our bodies can experience more muscle tension than usual. Before your shoulders meet your ears and your back suffers from shivers, do yourself some serious good with a deeply therapeutic hot stone massage at Rescue. Our massage team understands that a hot stone on a cold day is your friend. The stones we use in our treatments are heated to the perfect temperature to ensure effective and comfortable application. The stones are rhythmically moved along the body. Pressed and kneaded into muscles and connective tissue to bring about loosening and relief. The results always feel amazing because the stones are so special.

There is nothing on earth that can hold heat like a lovely, silky, basalt stone. Millions of years ago, the beautiful stones we work with today started out as magma, spewed from a volcano with massive energetic force. Basalt then forms from the more fluid types of lava as it cools and hardens.  Large pieces of newly formed rocks have then been smoothed and shaped by time and water. Imagine countless years of being washed by rains, carried by rivers, and tumbled by ocean tides. These stones were crafted by the rhythms of mother nature herself to become the perfect palm sized, heat holding tool.  Humans using stones to make life easier certainly had some ancient beginnings, and there is nothing new about the use of stones for healing and rituals. Worldwide, and all throughout time, stones have always found their way into our daily lives… from Stonehenge to diamond rings, we connect to stones and they hold meaning for us.

And, don’t forget, they hold heat.  When a heated stone is pressed into the tissue, many beneficial effects are set into motion throughout the whole body. The heat causes vasodilation, widening of the blood vessels, which in turn causes increased blood flow in the body.  And this means your circulation is more effectively supplying your body with everything it needs.  Your body will experience an increase in metabolism, too!  With the organs pumping, and the skin flushing, the body naturally begins cleansing and processing.  Toxins are moved along as the lymph system is stimulated by the increased circulation.  As all this great stuff is happening to the functioning of your body, you are left with a profound feeling of relaxation.  Our nerves and muscles are always in communication with each other. As you think about moving your arm, it happens. Well, this skillfully applied heat actually slows down the conversation your nerves are having with the rest of you.  When we are relaxed, we move more slowly.  And hopefully there is nowhere to rush off to, as Rescue offers complimentary eucalyptus infused steam rooms and lovely organic teas to further soothe your body and mind after your treatments.
So, when winter comes on cold and fast, feel good knowing that we are here, ready to warm you up, slow your pace, and ease your body through the chilly months ahead.

Massage Therapist

Heidi Oakley