Picks By Michael
Living in the city can be stressful not only mentally but physically as well. Between the sun’s UV rays, car exhaust and who knows what else air-born junk in the environment it can be brutal! All these airborne free-radicals create an environment in which aging is accelerate. With this in mind I have found a few great products to help combat daily aggressors and can have all of us guys looking like Greek gods (at least from the neck up) even after 5. So whether you’re a city dweller or living countryside, these products will be awesome for all you guys.
1) A French company that I have become partial to makes a great cleanser that is extremely purifying called Gentle Deep Pore cleanser. The really nice aspect of this product is it only needs to be used 2 or 3 times a week in conjunction with another daily cleanser. This product helps to minimize black heads and with the release of existing ones. This cleanser is good for men and women.
2) On the brink of turning 30, I have begun to notice definite changes in the appearance & behavior of my skin such as fine lines & dryness. This however can be addressed with another stellar product from Institut called E.V.E. Serum. This is only to be used for 21 days at a time & is considered a cure treatment. This really is meant to be used periodically when your skin is in need of a total revitalization. The results achieved with this product are immediately noticeable! Within 21 days your skin is completely regenerated. The serum hydrates fine lines & locks in moisture, creates balance with the skin & drys with a semi-matte sort of finish. This product will definitely have friends & co-workers asking what you’re doing differently. So if your skin is need of some TLC then this one is definitely for you. This serum is good for men and women.
3) I really love the Cellular Water Spray from Institut as well. The main ingredient is a patented technology called cell water. The molecular structure of this cell water imitates that which is found within your skin’s own cells. What this means is that the product is immediately recognized by your skin’s own cells & absorbed. This spray is extremely hydrating & contains powerful anti-aging properties to benefit your skin. I like to use this product in the morning before I leave the house and when I return home from work. It’s also great if you have to go out for a meeting or dinner date and are crunched for time this product helps to pull your appearance back together until the sun goes down. This hydrating spray is good for men and women.
4) For daily moisturizer use I have found Cellmen Ultra Face to be an awesome moisturizer that contains so many anti-aging benefits. This moisturizer really helps bring your complexion to an unmistakable level of healthiness through the use of live botanical cells. This cream is like an insurance policy for your face that you can feel good about.
5) As for choosing a scent (which is essential) I looked away from tradition. I have grown somewhat tired of all the over masculinized offerings available to men. Seeking something a little different I came across G11 from Il Profumo…This scent contains notes of Tobacco Flowers, British Lavender, Musk, Vetiver, Sandalwood and Oak Tree Moss. I think that the oak tree moss really sets this particular fragrance apart from other scents and will have those questioning what could it be? This may not be one you want to use everyday to keep it special but is certainly uniquely masculine! Also remember to limit yourself to one or two sprays nobody likes to blasted (no matter how good the scent is) in the morning hours. This will definitely keep you smelling fresh yet understated. Il Profumo from Italy to you…