“I have so much respect for women. I’ve worked with many different types of women and every type of hair and each has left its impression.  Everything I’ve learned and everything I’ve done in my life and career — bringing knowledge, experiences, scents and sensuality from different parts of the world, without forgetting about who we are right here and now — I’ve tried to put all of that experience into every bottle.”

  1. “You have to treat your hair like your skin — the lab that develops my products is a skincare lab.  If you style your hair daily, color it and backcomb it, then you need products that care.”
  2. “The one product I use all the time is Meta Revive Dry Shampoo.  It has a built-in volume booster, which is great for transforming day-to-evening hair. I also use it on freshly washed hair to give it that sexy second-day look.”
  3. “To get a great cut, always bring references to your hairdresser.  Even if the styles seem unachievable, it’s about communicating and explaining what you are looking for.  I promise you it’s very helpful.”