For me cleanliness is very important.  That goes for cleaning my apartment, donating my clothes, and getting rid of clutter.  So this season, a fresh new start is the way to go!
In terms of skin I propose setting up one evening for yourself.  Light the candles, draw a bath, and get on a full body exfoliation extravaganza.  Start by dry brushing your body and follow with a fabulous body scrub like LaLicious Tahitian Flower body souffle, massaging gently until your skin gets pink.  For the face, cleanse and remove makeup with the Clarisonic Pro Brush.  Repeat with a second cleansing but this time add Valmont Exfoliant to your Clarisonic Pro Brush, spending a little extra time to get rid of that dead winter skin.  You’ll feel 5 pounds lighter instantly!  Apply moisturizer all over your body, put on a robe and watch a wonderful movie.  The next day you’ll feel totally refreshed.  Voila!
Rescue Rittenhouse Spa Owner & Aesthetician,
Danuta Mieloch