Trendsetting designer Dayna Decker has not just developed mere candles and hand soap for your guest room, but alluring multi-sensory experiences. Her products are absolutely perfect when you to need a mini-escape after a chilly commute home or a bit of atmosphere while away for a romantic rendezvous. Dayna fuses innovation and eco-responsibility to her collections. All bath and body products are animal friendly and free of harsh chemicals such as cringe-worthy parabens. Natural fruit enzymes and wood extracts are used as an alternative to nourish and protect the skin instead of turning you into a walking preservative. I particularly adore the eco-wood wick used in my favorite hand-blown Bardou scented Botanika Chandel. Organic wood is naturally manufactured into a slow burning wick with an intriguing teardrop flame. The botanical wax enriched with wild rose and pink peppercorn essence melts clear creating a peaceful glow. Best of all the wood makes a soft crackling sound as it burns, like a portable fireplace.
Not into candles? The Dayna Decker line also offers handcrafted botanical oil diffusers for those adverse to open flames. The alcohol-free essential oils within the vessel last up to six months in your home or office. Whether you are seeking peace from the madness of everyday or need a bit of luxury in your life the Dayna Decker collection has something for everyone.
Spa Concierge,
Emily Coursen