Masque Vivant, nourishing face mask

The more often you use Biologique Recherche’s Mask Vivant the better the results are for deep pore cleansing, dissolving blackheads, and keeping breakouts at bay. It’s not your typical (clay) mask, rather it’s a probiotic mask that is packed with amino acids and Vitamin B. It’s nourishing, anti-aging, and also gives the skin a great glow!

Try adding a pinch of baking soda to Masque Vivant so it will go deeper into the epidermis and get rid of any excess sebum – perfect for oilier skin types as a facial at home.

  • Mix Mask Vivant +  a pinch of Baking Soda + a drop of H20: 1-3 x’s a week for 10-20 min. (use after P50) Read our guide to Lotion P50 to find out which formulation suits you better.