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The Weekly R.E.P.O.R.T.

Finish whisking your matcha or brewing your morning coffee and get cozy in your favorite reading nook as we dive into this week’s R.E.P.O.R.T. We discuss everything our team is reading, eating, purchasing, obsessing, recommending and “to-doing”. 


If you are in need of some summer reading inspiration, look no further. If you have an interest in world history or if you love an inspiring autobiography we have it covered.


When We Cease to Understand the World

by Benjamín Labatut 

This book blends fact and fiction while examining the lives and influences of the scientists who laid the foundations for quantum mechanics and its effects on mankind. Anyone with an interest in world history, philosophy or the ethics of science will not be able to put this slim novel down!


The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl

by Becky Lynch

This autobiography is about a woman who fought hard to make her dreams of wrestling come true in a time when women were looked at as fluff in the industry. Such an amazing inspiring read.


Local to the Philadelphia or NYC areas? Our team shared some of their favorite spots. Whether you love a good tapas or are looking for the best Italian around, check out these local spots.

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abc cocina

38 e. 19th st.
New york city, ny 10003

Lee’s Pick

ABC Cocina has the best vibe and even better tapas. Some of my favorite dishes are the Maitake Mushrooms with goat cheese, charred octopus and beef tenderloin burnt ends. 


231 S 24th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103


This Italian BYOB is my current favorite restaurant in Philadelphia. It is located in Fitler Square and they have both indoor and outdoor seating. Everything from the food, atmosphere and service was on point. My favorites were the brussel sprouts (best I’ve had), crispy gnocchi and the pistachio panna cotta. This place is a MUST if you are ever in Philadelphia!


If tried and true products are what you are looking for then look no further. Our team has been purchasing and repurchasing these products for quite some time now, with guaranteed results. 


Placenta Extract Face Cream

Placenta cream works well for me as it’s packed with vitamins A, E, and fruit extracts. It hydrates my skin beautifully without clogging my pores or making me feel congested. It also calms my redness, leaving my skin smooth and glowing.


Unplug bath salts

I love this entire brand because it emphasizes taking time for yourself. They encourage you to disconnect from your phone and technology while in the bath, allowing you to truly relax. My favorite is the Unplug Ritual. The lemon scent always calms and soothes me on stressful days.


When we say we are obsessed, we mean we are obsessed

Nicole’s pick

IonixLight Facial

The “it girl” of facials. This is hands down my favorite beauty treatment I have ever done. It truly leaves you glowing and radiant. I recently did it right before a bachelorette party and the results lasted for over a week! 


Of all the tempting things to buy, read, try and eat, what is actually worth it? Each week we’ll highlight our special finds that our team highly recommends. 

Honey Mama’s
Lavender-Rose Cocoa Truffle Bars


My new favorite treat. These bars are paleo, and free of refined sugar, gluten, dairy and soy and are absolutely delicious! The chocolate isn’t too sweet, and the rose and lavender adds a pleasant floral note. 



For summer, I am recommending everything linen. It is breathable, moisture-wicking and thermoregulating… I can not get enough of linen. Whether that be linen pants, shirts, bedsheets, towels I am transitioning everything over to linen this summer. 


Creating a to-do list helps you get organized and tackle your goals in a more efficient way.
P.S. Your tasks do not always need to be so rigid, try mixing in some fun “to-dos” to get into the summer spirit!



Go to the beach! I even went ahead and bought a UV beach tent so I can have complete sun protection during. Still, be sure to liberally apply sunscreen! Need a recommendation

ALL ABOUT acupuncture

nicole’s pick

Acupuncture has been on my To-Do List for quite some time now. Acupuncture is a form of Chinese medicine that uses needles to puncture acupoints on the body. Some of the many benefits include improvement of mental clarity, sleep quality, inflammation and energy levels. I finally scheduled an appointment and am so looking forward to it! 

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