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The Weekly R.E.P.O.R.T.

Beat the Sunday Scaries with us! Enjoy this week’s R.E.P.O.R.T. We discuss everything our team is reading, eating, purchasing, obsessing, recommending and “to-doing”. 


Ready for your next literary adventure? Our team has rounded up a selection of book recommendations just for you. Whether you’re diving into self-help, seeking wellness inspiration, or craving the tranquility of a meditative novel, we’ve got you covered.


“Outlive: The Science & Art of Longevity”

by Peter Attia

This book was a gift from one of my clients. I’m approaching my 40’s, and I’ve always been active but now I’m trying to take my anti-aging to the next level. I’ve been on skincare regimen for over a decade,  working out with a trainer, seeing a physical therapist and talking to a nutritionist. Practice what you preach, treat your body as whole!


“The Power of Now”

by Eckhart Tolle

explores the importance of living in the present moment to find true happiness and inner peace. By practicing mindfulness and letting go of negative thoughts about the past and future, Tolle suggests that individuals can break free from suffering and connect with their true essence, leading to a deeper sense of awareness and spiritual awakening. Embracing the now allows us to experience life more fully and find contentment in the present moment

Angelina’S PICK


by Maxwell Maltz

This book revolutionizes the way we understand self-image and personal success. Drawing from his experience as a plastic surgeon, Maltz provides powerful insights into how our subconscious mind shapes our reality. It offers practical techniques to reprogram negative thought patterns, visualize goals, and cultivate a positive self-image. A must-read for anyone looking to transform their mindset and achieve greater success and fulfillment.


Fine dining is always a treat, but sometimes, we want the comfort provided by simplicity.



Lox & whitefish with a poppy seed bagel. The absolute perfect breakfast. I will not be taking criticism!



I try to purchase as much as I can from my local farmers market. This includes local organic and free-range eggs! I love knowing where my food comes from.


The Rescue Spa team is lucky enough to try some of the most luxe beauty and wellness products in the industry, so you know something is exceptional if they buy it for themselves!

izabela’S PICK

MZ Wallace
Crosby Sling

The perfect bag to have a hands free summer! I personally love it in the shade “Pebble Liquid” to brighten any outfit.  

meghan’S PICK

fur Oil

Keeps my skin soft and calm in the summer after a long day of swimming at the beach! 

victoria’S PICK

GINTO Face Sculpting Tool

This is the year I’m trying to get serious about practicing gua sha. This tool is both beautiful and functional, and I’ve been pairing it with the Danucera Cerabalm for a truly luxurious experience!


Show Duni & Panache DunI

This gorgeous red bandeau swimsuit is from Eres, and in an ideal color for this bikini season.


We’re obsessed (and we know you will be too!)



I’ve been so into strength training. I’ve been on a program for over a year. Our skin supports our muscles and weight lifting helped me tone my body and smooth my neck. I love feeling strong, but I also find it very meditative.

victoria’S PICK

Peter Gabriel’s I/O Album

I was lucky enough to see the living legend Peter Gabriel in concert last year, and have been revisiting his 2023 album lately. At 74 years old, he still puts on a fantastic performance and each song on the album is stunning and heartfelt.

landen’S PICK

Liners Sable Flip Flops

Whether it’s for grabbing a morning coffee, meeting up with a friend for drinks and appetizers or strolling along the beach, these flip flops are the most versatile and chic companion. 


Whether it’s something new to buy, or a habit to integrate into your daily routine, our team recommends adding these choices pronto!



I always start my morning off by drinking warm water with lemon and a pinch of Celtic sea salt. The combination of lemon and Celtic salt can provide hydration and essential antioxidants and minerals such as magnesium and potassium.

bella’S PICK

Let’s go down to the tennis courts!

The weather has been getting warmer recently so I’ve been going to the courts to practice – usually with a friend! Whether you’re a beginner or a more seasoned player, it’s an enjoyable pastime and a fantastic way to stay active.


izabela’S PICK

Stocking up on travel size must haves

My summer vacation is fast approaching. I plan to stock up on necessities such as SPF, and other travel size favorites for stress-free packing.  

izabela’S PICK

Stocking up on travel size must haves

My summer vacation is fast approaching. I plan to stock up on necessities such as SPF, and other travel size favorites for stress-free packing.  

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