Sunday Reset: Summer Gardening & Weekend Trips to the Shore!


Dive into our team’s beachside picks! From captivating thrillers to historical fiction, let these books inspire you for your next Barnes and Noble trip.


“the house of eve”

by Sadeqa Johnson

The House of Eve, by Sadeqa Johnson (a Philly native!), is an artfully crafted historical fiction piece set in Philadelphia and Washington, DC in the 1950’s. The compelling tales of two women, from different backgrounds and stages of life, intersect for a gripping read.  I loved the masterful character development and the way the story also served to teach me about race, gender and socioeconomic factors in that time period.



by Olga Tokarczuk

“Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead” is a thought-provoking and exciting read with a touch of humor. It made me really consider how we treat animals, especially hunting for sport. Even with its simple story, it powerfully highlights an important issue. If you care about animals, you should definitely read this book!


If you are going to be down the shore next weekend for the 4th of July here is some inspiration for you… just, make sure you get those reservations booked!

danielle’S PICK

Steve & cookie’s

9700 Amherst Ave, Margate City, NJ 08402

If you are from the Philly area, you spend time in the summer down the shore (yes, shore, not beach!). I like to bounce around and enjoy the best parts of LBI, Ocean City, Margate, Cape May etc. When in Margate the best place to go is Steve and Cookie’s.  While this jersey shore institution has incredible seafood (definitely start out with a raw bar assortment), I am actually obsessed with their cauliflower steak!


Whether you are looking to find your new favorite fragrance, chic swimwear or lightweight skincare staples for the summer, our team has you covered.

ewelina’S PICK

super moisturiser

I am always restocking on the Environ Super Moisturizer. I use this as my last step in my nightly skincare routine because it leaves my face so hydrated and plump throughout the whole next day! I love mixing my tanning drops with it to provide an extra glow in the morning! 🙂


We are obsessed.

anna’S PICK


The Mouna Eres top is to die for. The sliding minimal coverage triangle top with spaghetti straps can be worn as a halter or with straight straps. I love to wear it as a triangle top for my sunbathing vitamin D infusion sessions at the pool or with straight straps under my summer dresses. The quality is unparalleled and withstands chlorinated and salty water for many seasons without fading or stretching. Any aquatic pastime enthusiast should give it a try.

gina’S PICK

mint green: summer’s hottest nail color

I’ve been obsessed with the trending nail colors this summer, especially the blues and greens. One shade I can’t get enough of is the Mint No Chip from Londontown. It’s the perfect blend of fresh and fun, giving my nails a chic, summery vibe that lasts without chipping.


Whether you are local to our PHL or NYC locations or follow us from afar, Rescue Spa will always have the best recommendations for…

gina’S PICK

mint green: summer’s hottest nail color

If you have talked to me for more than 10 seconds in the last two weeks, you know about my hunt to find my first second-hand handbag purchase.  Not only do I love the vintage aesthetic, which feels inherently more special and romantic, but I love the impact that leveraging the resale market has on the sustainability of the fashion industry.   A couple of my favorite places to search for rare finds are The Refind Closet and Julia Rose Boston (both women owned businesses!).

To-Do List

See what we’re to-doing this weekend!

anna’S PICK

happiness & horticulture: a stress-free sunday routine

Horticulture is one of my many passions. Growing plants, veges, herbs, picking fruits and flowers, weeding and even watering are all ways to destress, decrease anxiety and keep me balanced. Studies show that gardening can lighten the mood and promote better mental health.  Gardening  is an essential element of my Sunday routine that keeps me healthy for the stressful work days to come.

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