Holiday Nails

For the holidays change things up a bit. Put aside those reds for something more exciting like Chanel’s line of sparkles and metallics.

Graphite, a lovely deep gray solid glitter, gives you the holiday sparkle without making your nails look like Dorthy’s shoes.

Can’t decide on what metallic to wear? Peridiot has three colors intertwined. A pinch of silver, hint of green all stirred into a pot of rich creamy gold.

If you’re not all into the statement of color, but still want to step out of the box try Quartz. Chanel did an incredible job blending champagne, gray and brown. Making Quartz a perfect neutral that’s not at all the usual.

Nail Technician,






Sally Man


Put on those dark nail colors without any guilt!

It’s officially fall! So now you can put on those dark nail colors without any guilt. Whether you’re a plum, blue or gray kind of girl there’s a fall color for everyone!
I’m going to run through some of my top picks to start you off.

Essie’s Carry On (matte)
Zoya’s Jem (metallic)

Chanel’s Blue Rebel (matte)
YSL’s #44 (metallic)

Essie’s Smokin’ Hot (matte)
Zoya’s Tao (metallic)


Nail Technician,






Sally Man

The culprits that give away your age!

With all the innovations for your face your hands are the culprits that will give away your age. Just like your face, your hands need care and protection. No worries, there are a couple of simple steps you can take to help maintain the youthful appearance of those over worked phalanges.

Exfoliating at least 2-3 times a week is a great way to remove dead skin and let a new radiant layer shine through. One of my favorite exfoliators is the One Minute Manicure. It has over 7 different oils combined with dead sea salt which makes for one effective yet gentle & hydrating exfoliant.

The care starts with exfoliation then continues with moisturizing. Carrying a portable bottle of hand cream with you is essential. Since you’re always using your hands they dry out relatively quickly. Also, being good about hydrating them will aid with dry cuticles and brittle nails. If you don’t have a favorite hand cream already, I’d suggest Deborah Lippmann’s Rich Girl Anti-Aging Hand & Cuticle Cream with SPF 25. Its always nice to have a moisturizer with SPF because not only does it hydrate it also protects you from skin damaging sun rays.

And last of all, you should always wear gloves when you step outside. Even if its for just a minute, because frigid air really takes a toll on your hands.

Pretty simple, right? Exfoliate, moisturize & protect three painless routines to keep your hands as ageless as your face.

Nail Technician,
Sally Man