Danuta Shares Her Evening Routine

Danuta Mieloch invited us into her home to share her Evening Routine. Trust us, you do not want to miss this. She has so many tricks up her sleeves! Double P50? Triple Masking? Microcurrents? It’s all in here…


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Wellness is the new black!  Give your loved ones an experience that keeps on giving, a series of five 60 minute Swedish Massage treatments.  $500 ($550 value) 


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Infrared Sauna Retreat (30 min), Scrub + Rub (60 min) Biolift Facial (60 min), Classic Manicure and Pedicure—$325

Shampoo +Blow Out,  Make Up Application—$125

Classic Rescue Facial (60 min), Aromatherapy Massage (60 min), Classic Manicure and Pedicure—$260

Classic Rescue Facial  (60 min) and Swedish Massage (60 min)—$200

Mini-Massage (45 min), Mini Classic Facial (45 min), Classic Manicure and Pedicure—$180

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Complimentary Skincare Consultations
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Our Skin Instant Lab consists of five probes that measure hydration, trans-epidermal water loss, elasticity, pigmentation, and sebum levels. The probes link to a computer equipped with an exclusive diagnosis and analysis software program developed by Biologique Recherche.  The result? A perfect prescription for your unique skincare needs.

Holiday Facial  (November thru December)
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Gift Of Wellness $500 ($550 value)
Wellness is the new black! Give your loved ones an experience that keeps on giving, a series of five 60 minute Swedish Massage treatments.

Winter Getaway $325
No need to book a vacation. In just 3.5 hours you will feel as though you’ve returned from a sunny getaway. To start things off we invite you to relax in the infrared sauna for 30 minutes *infrared light waves create heat in the body rather than heating the air like traditional saunas allowing you to stay in longer and sweat more, followed by a full body Scrub + Rub (60 min) *bonus you get to keep the exfoliating Moroccan Hammam Kessa body mitt used during the treatment, Biolift Facial (60 min) *receive samples and a complimentary skincare regimen, and finish with a Mani/Pedi while sipping a hot cup of Kusmi Detox Tea.

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I recently had a client on my table who had a very difficult time releasing. He was “like stone” (as we therapists love to say) and no matter how much force I applied, very little change was occurring to his musculature. I quickly realized the problem: this client was NOT BREATHING. One of my favorite guilty pleasure musicians, Alanis Morisette, was interviewed about a tattoo on her wrist which reads, simply: BREATHE. She said self-deprecatingly, “What kind of person needs to be reminded to breathe?” Well, apparently a vast majority of us do, Alanis. You are not alone.

I work with clients to realize the importance of deep, conscious breathing while they are receiving massage. This simple act can transform a deeply contracted area into one that has healthy circulation and a higher functionality and connectedness to the rest of the body. This simple technique of conscious breathing is especially important when receiving deeper work.

While on the table, gently concentrate on slowing down your breath. To start simply: take a nice slow inhalation, hold the breath comfortably for a second and then exhale slowly. With time, as those of you who practice yoga already know, your inhalation will slow down. This allows your body to metabolize a greater percentage of the oxygen you are taking in. Then you can begin to hold the space between inhalation and exhalation. This is partly mental discipline but also, I believe, helps to increase your own awareness of your body. Finally, a slow exhalation allows your body to expel more noxious gases from the body. This entire process done slowly and with awareness can do wonders to: lower levels of stress chemicals like cortisol, (as I’ve said) heighten awareness of your body, stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for the relaxation response/ “rest and digest”), and can act to distract you as a client from any discomfort that deeper more directed pressures from a massage therapist may cause.

More esoterically, yogis and meditative masters have long understood the power of the breath to move prana/chi/life force in, around and through the body. They know that the breath moves many of your bodily, mental and (if you will) spiritual functions to a greater place of balance and efficiency. I have seen this simple practice of coming back to the breath, coming back to the moment transform my experience of myself, help clients with severe and chronic pain and turn a massage treatment into a total experience outside of the fast and sometimes vapid daily routine.

I will leave you with one last practice that you can add to your simple breathing exercises. This comes from the Vietnamese Zen Master and all around cool dude, Thich Nhat Hanh. While you are breathing consciously, you can practice these thoughts to yourself, or come up with whatever will help you achieve calm awareness best: Breathing in, I know I am breathing in. Breathing out, I know I am breathing out. “Breathing in, I feel calm. Breathing out, I feel at ease.” I am not struggling anymore. Calm/ease.” And then, “Breathing in, I smile. Breathing out, I release all my worries and anxieties. Smile/release.”

Be well, beautiful readers!

Massage Therapist,
Andrew Marsh


Winter is on its way and with the dip in temperatures our bodies can experience more muscle tension than usual. Before your shoulders meet your ears and your back suffers from shivers, do yourself some serious good with a deeply therapeutic hot stone massage at Rescue. Our massage team understands that a hot stone on a cold day is your friend. The stones we use in our treatments are heated to the perfect temperature to ensure effective and comfortable application. The stones are rhythmically moved along the body. Pressed and kneaded into muscles and connective tissue to bring about loosening and relief. The results always feel amazing because the stones are so special.

There is nothing on earth that can hold heat like a lovely, silky, basalt stone. Millions of years ago, the beautiful stones we work with today started out as magma, spewed from a volcano with massive energetic force. Basalt then forms from the more fluid types of lava as it cools and hardens.  Large pieces of newly formed rocks have then been smoothed and shaped by time and water. Imagine countless years of being washed by rains, carried by rivers, and tumbled by ocean tides. These stones were crafted by the rhythms of mother nature herself to become the perfect palm sized, heat holding tool.  Humans using stones to make life easier certainly had some ancient beginnings, and there is nothing new about the use of stones for healing and rituals. Worldwide, and all throughout time, stones have always found their way into our daily lives… from Stonehenge to diamond rings, we connect to stones and they hold meaning for us.

And, don’t forget, they hold heat.  When a heated stone is pressed into the tissue, many beneficial effects are set into motion throughout the whole body. The heat causes vasodilation, widening of the blood vessels, which in turn causes increased blood flow in the body.  And this means your circulation is more effectively supplying your body with everything it needs.  Your body will experience an increase in metabolism, too!  With the organs pumping, and the skin flushing, the body naturally begins cleansing and processing.  Toxins are moved along as the lymph system is stimulated by the increased circulation.  As all this great stuff is happening to the functioning of your body, you are left with a profound feeling of relaxation.  Our nerves and muscles are always in communication with each other. As you think about moving your arm, it happens. Well, this skillfully applied heat actually slows down the conversation your nerves are having with the rest of you.  When we are relaxed, we move more slowly.  And hopefully there is nowhere to rush off to, as Rescue offers complimentary eucalyptus infused steam rooms and lovely organic teas to further soothe your body and mind after your treatments.
So, when winter comes on cold and fast, feel good knowing that we are here, ready to warm you up, slow your pace, and ease your body through the chilly months ahead.

Massage Therapist

Heidi Oakley