Adolescence is a transitional stage in everyone’s life both physically and mentally. Its especially challenging when it effects our skin. We all wish there was a miracle cure for those unsightly blemishes. How many times has it spoiled a special event or date because your skin was broken out? Starting a healthy skincare regimen early has proven to help premature aging and reduce chronic acne. The skin is the largest organ of the body and it is greatly affected by hormones, stress and genetic factors that can be the cause of acne. Proper skin care along with regular facial treatments can help greatly in balancing the skin to reduce acne breakouts. Our Estheticians at Rescue are trained to determine the right course needed for each individual’s needs. We can help in educating you on how to take care of “your skin”. Teen facials are the best place to start to help balance and purify your complexion. No more shying away from pictures because that pimple is staring you in the face; healthy skin is here to stay.

Connie Henry