“I recently witnessed a minor miracle: I watched makeup artist Diane Kendal make a model’s skin incredibly dewy and radiant. And she was using a $16 moisturizer! The stuff is so good that “all the makeup artists used to beg me to bring it back from Paris,” says hairstylist Laura de León. It’s much easier to find these days and, even without the caché, is still a favorite of makeup artists, Allure editors, and well-informed women with dewy skin.

I’m talking about Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré, a no-frills moisturizer that comes in a squeeze tube more reminiscent of ointment than an A-list cream. It contains shea butter and beeswax, so it comes out kinda thick, but “you massage it in and the skin takes on a beautiful tone without looking greasy,” says makeup artist Rafael Pita. And because it’s fragrance-free, one Allure editor with sensitive skin tells me she can use it, no problem (it’s also got soothing aloe). If you want to get the most out of it, apply it like Kendal, who gently smooths and taps a few layers over cheeks—keep going until they’re dewy—and then adds a little to the rest of the face, where you don’t want to be quite as blowy.” – BY ELIZABETH SIEGEL, ALLURE MAGAZINE Beauty Features Editor