The Minimalist’s Glow Up

With an emphasis on quality over quantity, we encourage you to curate a beauty regimen with mindful selections. The minimalist approach to beauty embodies self-care, efficiency and sustainability. P.S. It makes it easier to travel with! 

Minimalist Skincare Routine

The heart of your minimalist glow up routine starts with 3 essential skincare steps: a cleanse, a toner and a moisturizer, all done with Danucera’s clean, versatile products. 

1. Cleanse

Cerabalm can be used as your first and second cleanse. For your first cleanse, apply the cleansing balm on dry skin with dry hands and gently massage into the skin. This will melt away SPF, makeup, dirt and oil buildup without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Its unique formula is enriched with potent natural ingredients and soothing agents to combat redness, sun spots and fine lines. For your second cleanse, emulsify Cerabalm with water until it reaches a milky consistency and proceed with your cleanse. 

2. Face Toner

Follow with D22 Exfoliating Toner a powerhouse of natural acids and vitamins that gently exfoliates, tightens the pores and brightens the complexion. This can be used in the morning and evening as a prep step. Soak a cotton round with D22 Tonic and using upward strokes press into the face, neck and any area of skin that needs a little brightening. 

3. Moisturize

Cream Supreme is going to be your universal moisturizer that delivers immediate and long-lasting hydration while firming the face. Its peptide-packed formula absorbs effortlessly into the skin, leaving a velvety-smooth finish that primes your skin for makeup application or just a natural, glowy look. 

Bonus Step for a Satin Finish: Finishing Serum!

Serum Fluide VIP O2 from Biologique Recherche is a must-have in Danuta’s bathroom cabinet. It not only erases signs of tiredness and dark circles under the eyes but it oxygenates and protects the skin from urban aggressors. This serum can be used all over your face before or after moisturizer, giving you that famous, glowing Biologique complexion! 

Minimalist Makeup

Putting emphasis on enhancing your natural beauty while also caring for the skin with makeup. 

Complexion Drops

The Westman Atelier Vital Skin Care Complexion Drops give breathable coverage and radiance while improving skin quality. These drops improve texture, firmness and radiance with tsubaki oil, ginseng and pomegranate extract while deeply nourishing the skin. Try mixing in 3 drops with your Cream Supreme or your go-to SPF for an even, radiant complexion. 

Highlight Stick

If you are looking for an easy way to perk up dull skin, the Lit Up Highlight Stick should be added to your minimal glow-up routine. This is a silky translucent gel highlighter that helps promote the skin’s own collagen and hyaluronic acid. For sun-kissed warmth try shade Brulee or for a soft glow-from-within, try shade Lit. 

Lip Balm

No look is finished without a lip! U Beauty’s Plasma Lip Compound goes beyond the traditional chapstick. Made using antioxidants, peptides, ceramides, AHA’s and PHA’s experience increased volume, hydration and softness for the lip contour. Our current favorite shade is Rose! 

Minimalist Hair Care

Minimalism in hair care enhances manageability and ensures that your hair maintains its fresh look for the days to come! 

Eclat Naturel from Leonor Greyl is an award-winning cream that detangles, conditions and enhances shine as you style. It is a magical product for frizz that relies on natural ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil rather than silicones to create smooth or textured looks. Start with a pearl-size amount and warm it between your hands before applying to damp or dry hair. For a curly or beach wave look, scrunch hair between your fingers or shape curls. 

Sometimes you want to be as minimal as possible when it comes to hair products so you don’t feel weighed down. Opting for a multi-purpose hair serum like the Extreme Caviar Restructuring Luxe Serum from Miriam Quevedo will intensely repair damaged hair and leave it with a glossy finish. This weightless leave-in serum is fortified with a cocktail of vitamins, amino acids and peptides that lock in moisture and protect against heat styling and oxidative stress. It also conditions and smoothes the hairs surface to eliminate frizz. 

Looking for an alternative to dry shampoo? The Dry Texturizing Spray from Oribe does everything and more. This invisible dry hair spray builds volume and texture while absorbing oil at the roots allowing you to extend time between washes. 

Embracing the minimalist glow up, we not only enhance our natural beauty but also prioritize quality, efficiency and sustainability. Making mindful selections on our skincare, makeup and hair care simplify your daily routine without compromising the results! 

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