The Skin-Rewinding Cream: Biologique Recherche Crème Masque Vernix

The superluxe product be used as a mask or leave-on treatment (it has that lightweight, almost spongey texture that makes it perfect for those who hate heavy-feeling products), but it’s not its multitasking nature that gives it its magic. The company claims that it can give a “second birth” to skin and help it to regain epidermalfunction—something really significant to the formula behind a healthy-looking complexion that’s lost as we age. It’s based on a lot of science, but they’ve basically been able to mimic the original composition of vernix, the antioxidant-rich substance that helps a newborn’s skin withstand the oxidative stress of birth (it sounds somewhat scary, but it really is one of those creams that makes skin feel better as soon as you apply it). The bottom line: It’s a product that makes skin look younger and more revitalized and feel really protected. Masque Vernix, $179

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