‘Tis the season for get-togethers and events that reunite us with folks we haven’t seen since this time last year. Full focus on looking fantastic, this is not the time to be blasé about your skin. Take advantage of Rescue’s Peel and Reveal special; a skin brightening facial that uses microdermabrasion and a gentle peel to unearth your holiday fabulosity in all its glory. And while you’re here for your facial you might want to rethink your moisturizer if you’re still using your favorite summer product. The temperatures
have been on the mild side but just like the holidays, winter is coming. You might want to go a little richer to protect your skin from the colder air. On my wish list (for both of us) is Valmont’s Regenetic a luscious lightweight whip cream of a moisturizer that super hydrates the skin superbly without adding undue weight, important for oily or combination skin.
Also, now is the time to consider what your favorite sexy holiday dress will be revealing. Schedule a moisturizing body scrub and hydrating wrap and you will be assured of having skin creamy enough to compete with that cheesecake you’re trying to stay away from.
If you’re like me, love to travel and are constantly seeking out warm weather places with great spas, consider vacationing in Barbados which just went totally WIFI as of 11/11/11. Check out my interview with Tracey Archer, spa manager of The Spa at Sandy Lane. This spa was recently voted Best in the Caribbean by Conde’ Nast and is a 2011 Leading Spa of the World. This is another interview in a series with award winning spa administrators beginning with our own Danuta Mieloch.
Peace, Blessings and Joy,

Linda Harding