My wedding isn’t until October, but the calendar inside the bridal planning book that I bought told me that it’s time to get a skin regime in place. Sigh. I’ve sort of dreaded this moment, actually: I’m quite lazy about that sort of thing, and washing my face most nights, then slathering on moisturizer is about as much as I ever seem to be able to commit to. And now that more and more time is being taken with the wedding planning and all, committing to any sort of 15-minute morning and nightly “regime” is sort of daunting. But it’s my wedding, after all, so I decided I had better just suck it up and do what the book tells me.
So, I went ahead and booked a visit with Danuta Mieloch at Rescue Spa near my office, having heard about her wonder-working with the skin of my co-workers, who often sing her praises. And now, I am so very glad I did suck it up, because an hour with her not only left my sad, somewhat dull winter skin looking like magazine advertisement skin, but she’s put me on a schedule I can actually maintain: a cleansing every night, with a cotton-ball swabbing of Biologique Recherche’s magical P50 potion (it stings, but it softens like you wouldn’t believe), and lotion. Then, I do nothing but rinse in the morning, and dab on some eye cream and more moisturizer. It’s been a week, but my skin is still noticeably glowier, and super-smooth.
So, the regime is this: I’ll keep this up (with a couple of appointments over the summer), and then, pre-wedding, will return for a special treatment that will, says Danuta, “really take it to the bridal level.” Intriguing, no? I’ll have to report back on Project Glowy Bridal Skin.   — Christy Speer