Working in the treatment room at Rescue Spa affords me the opportunity to spot the trends early on. Now this can be a good or bad thing. Some trends are worth following. Others, maybe not so much.
For instance, trending heavily now are sallow skin and rough dry hands. Even though we haven’t been deluged with snow the weather has been less than agreeable. One of the smartest and most economical ways to look perpetually sun kissed is to invest in a self tanner like Dr. Gross’ Alpha Beta Glow Pad. These little alpha hydroxy loaded gems not only gently remove the buildup of dead cells that keep your skin from looking bright but also provide a measured drench of soy proteins which delivers color deep into the skin. You’ll look like you just jetted up from Exuma after a long weekend with your BFFs.
Which leads me to another trend; rough dry hands. I know, it is cold outside and staying smooth and hydrated can be tough. But with the constant movie making in Philadelphia why would you risk running into Bradley Cooper or Terrence Howard with hands too rough to extend for a kiss? I love Get Fresh and their entire line of products for hands body and feet. Get a tiny scoop of sugar scrub and gently massage your hands together for 30 seconds paying particular attention to the palms. Rinse well and slather on a bit of body crème or for really dry hands foot crème. Commit to doing this for yourself before you go to bed each night for just one week. Voila’. Feel the difference.
Spring will be here before you know it and look at you, already on the fast track to gorgeousness.
Rescue Esthetician, Linda Harding