Foundations and tinted moisturizers are the make-or-break products when it comes to your cosmetic arsenal. A great foundation can mean the difference between a flawless and effortless complexion and a streaky, cakey, runny catastrophe. Picking out just the right foundation for all skin types is something that I have down to a science. So I’ve compiled a list of my favorites that you can find at the Rescue Spa, as well as some amazing products that you can enjoy during the summer time while you are on vacation or just spending the time in the city.

1. A great base for your foundation or just a nice day serum is the BY TERRY CellularRose Brightening Serumthis multi-unifying, anti-aging corrective and radiance boosting serum adds luminosity and glow to your skin . BY TERRY Laboratories are using for the first time the Native White Rose Cells in an exclusive technology. The WT+1 technology is extremely moisturizing, its silky formula smoothes and refines the skin’s texture, diminishes signs of aging (wrinkles, fine lines, lack of firmness) and leaves the skin clear for deep-down, long-lasting radiance.

2. Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer (Chantecaille)- Leaves skin looking glowy, evens out and corrects the skin tone lightly. Depending on the moisturizer used underneath, skin can look very dewy, or slightly glowing. I really like using underneath Nature by Valmont “Energizing with a cream Moisturizer”. This gives great coverage for a tinted moisturizer, I would say light to medium (medium for a tinted moisturizer) and is really buildable.  It smooths over dry patches or flakey skin and doesn’t accentuate flaws at all. Looks very natural, like second skin. It’s very moisturizing and leaves a soft dewy never oily-looking finish.

3. St. Barth’s Compact Soleil Bronzer (Chantecaille)- it is a great bronzer, works well for all skin tones. It imparts a beautiful, sun-kissed look that’s light and perfect for those who fear bronzers. St. Barth’s is a sheer brown that will leave us pale faces with a natural look, one that doesn’t scream, “Bronzer!” The shade was inspired by Chantecaille’s Le Tigre Bronzer. Compact Soleil captures the wonderful effects of the sun without any of the harmful effects of UV rays. This incredibly natural-looking bronzer is the result of the latest micronizing technology that creates an ultra-fine powder with a silky, glowing finish. Gingko biloba and wild rose work together to heal and protect the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant. It’s cruelty-free, with no animal derivatives, paraben-free, and fragrance-free.

4.  BY TERRY Gloss Terrybly Shine is an ultra-shiny, lifting-firming, volumizing lip lacquer  that will plump up your smile with a long-lasting radiance. An age-defense “Lumilip” technology combines “nutri-regenerating” ceramides, hyaluronic acid (for moisture), and a collagen-stimulating peptide Here’s the rundown with more about the technology from BY TERRY.  For a “Push-Up Effect,” kiss-me-quick extract (huh?) regenerates, nourishes, hydrates, and creates volume and redefines lip contours. I believe “kiss me quick” is a plant extract that offers wrinkle-blurring prisms of color. For a “Hydra-Lift Effect,” hyaluronic acid microspheres plump, fill the hollows in the lips, and add volume to the lips. For a “Lift-Firming Effect,” ceramides restructure, firm, redensify, and maintain the lips’ hydration.

5. UV in Cellium Spray (Institut Esthederm) –  I absolutely love this product, the spray is designed for use on the face at any time of the day, but especially when outdoors for its protective purposes. You can use before, and after makeup/skincare application. I use a quick burst after cleansing to provide a little moisture, and then again after make up application. I was a little skeptical at first but the spray does actually help to fix my makeup and keep it in place all day, not to mention giving my skin a more healthy radiant glow throughout. It’s really nice to use on a hot day to give your skin a quick cool down and refresh.  Not only do I use it on my face but I’ve been using it on my neck/chest and arms before going outdoors, as these are the areas of my skin which are on show the most and it has a natural SPF factor 8. I really like how its so quick and easy to use and sinks into the skin so quickly, without the need to rub in.
Makeup Artist, Victoria Roggio