Vivant means living or alive in French and it’s no surprise why BR selected that name for one of its best performing masques. It’s packed with Yeast and Witch Hazel and is exceptional for purifying, balancing and brightening the skin. Masque Vivant is a regular in my routine and a few times a year I attempt a masque Vivant challenge that I am inviting you to also join!
Here are some quick tips for a successful “vivanting”:
Stay on a schedule. My masque Vivant challenge lasts 7 days; I start on Monday and finish on Sunday. Sticking to a week schedule helps to stay consistent.
Team up with a friend! There’s nothing more fun than sending one another Vivant selfies at night to make sure you both completed the challenge.
Do not stop half way! If you see a breakout or a pimple, do not stop. It’s a sign that your skin is clearing itself from all the impurities.
Keep up with the results. Once the challenge is over and you are left with  the renewed skin, don’t forget to use masque Vivant a few times a week.
Your esthetician,
Diana Yerkes