A few days before her wedding, Myles went for the “facial of all facials”: The Bio-Lift Facial at Rescue Spa, which takes electric microcurrents to the next level, sculpting and lifting the face while imparting a youthful glow. “You see the best results from microcurrents two to three days post-facial,” she explains of timing out the treatment. Then there was the full-body Detox Wrap, which consisted of a regenerative scrub, followed by a natural sea mud wrap to purify, tone, and firm the skin. “It was the my only time to relax and focus on myself the week of the wedding!” says Myles.

“The week leading up to the wedding leads to so much stress and a lack of sleep, and then there’s the night before party, so I needed to do final prep work on the night before and day of,” explains Myles. In the morning, she washed her face with a cleansing cloth and cold water before giving herself a minute-long ice facial to “wake up and depuff” her complexion. To further hydrate, tone, and give an “overall appearance of tightened skin,” she exfoliated with Biologique Recherche P50V 1970 and did a five-minute steam session with her at-home steamer before applying Masque PIGM 400 to brighten and boost radiance. “I recommend doing a sheet mask as part of the skin prep and this is one of the best because it’s not a silicone-base mask, which can leave a residue on the skin you have to wash off before applying makeup,” she explains.