The many uses of Prime Renewing Pack, a cult favorite!

Daily, to pamper and rebalance: Apply a thin layer of the product on the face and neck. Leave on for 3-5 minutes, and then remove the excess with a soft damp cloth.
Daily, as a progressive regulating treatment:In the morning, apply a small dab on the face and neck and rub in using effleurage movements. Then apply the cream suited to your needs.

From time to time, for a quick makeover: Apply a thick layer to the face and neck. Leave on for 20 minutes. Briefly massage the face and then remove the excess with a soft damp cloth.
For hurried mothers: Prime Renewing Pack lends itself to three different uses, for the most stressed moms, the most active socialites, or any woman seeking to add a little radiance to her complexion!

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Behind the scenes at Biologique Recherche

Danuta & Co. behind the scenes at the laboratory of Dr. Allouche of Biologique Recherche in France. For skincare junkies and estheticians this is like winning a golden ticket to the Willy Wonka factory!


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Joanna Halpin post facial @rescuespa

British model Joanna Halpin came in to Rescue for a facial and left absolutely glowing!

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Mandy Moore on Biologique Recherche via Into The Gloss

“I use Biologique Recherche P50. It smells intense, but it’s supposed to tighten your pores. You can feel it tingle when you dab it on—you’re not supposed to wipe it on. I went to this facialist in the Valley for a few years and she exclusively used Biologique Recherche products. I loved going there because part of her routine was to use these pulsating sponges to help you better absorb the product and to tighten your skin—it makes you look like you’ve had an instant facelift. I stopped using Biologique Recherche for a while, but my skin felt like it was out of balance, so now I’m back on.

I’m at the age where I have to start thinking about the under-eye lines and stuff. I don’t necessarily care about aging—I think aging is beautiful—but I also want to try and maintain things for as long as possible.  When I want to be more dewy, I spray Biologique Recherche Fluide VIP O2 on my hand and then pat it on my face to look extra glowy. It’s apparently supposed to protect your skin from environmental damage.

When I want to do a fun mask, Biologique Recherche Masque VIP O2 is a super yummy, ultra hydrating treatment that’s especially good for under my eyes. I put it on for 10 minutes. None of their products really smell great, but I feel like that’s why they work? [Laughs]

Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant smells like yeast. It’s awful. What you’re supposed to do is mix a little bit of it with baking soda to make this weird foam, and then put the foam all over your face for 15 minutes. It makes you feel so clean; it’s like my pores have been excavated. Frankie told me about the baking soda part. The mask is super emollient and thick, so when you add the baking soda it foams up and becomes light and frothy. Whenever my husband (Ryan Adams) catches me with the mask on, he makes fun of me, like, ‘Oh, I didn’t know you were in [the band] KISS today.’ [Laughs]”

-Mandy Moore via Into The Gloss

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NY TIMES FASHION & STYLE: Jenna Lyons of J. Crew’s (Skincare) Beauty Routine

“The woman I go to for facials,” “recommended Biologique Recherche. That’s how I start my day. I use the P50 lotion; it’s my favorite thing that I don’t leave home without. I have large ones, travel-size ones; I have them in the office, at home, in my pockets.”

“There’s also this Biologique Recherche serum called Yall O2. It’s not cheap. I’m hoping it makes me look younger, but I don’t know.” – Jenna Lyons

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Tip of the Week

Before your day cream, apply a mixture of Biologique Recherche quintessential serums Elastine Pure, Amniotique E. and Colostrum Pur for ultimate hydration, plumping and firming!

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Psssst…. save the date!

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Please join us Monday September 22nd for our 10 Year Anniversary Event!

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Chantecaille unveils the 15 Year Anniversary Eye Shade Trio

“A striking, yet natural eye palette inspired by animals from the land, sea and air.”

In celebration of this milestone year, Chantecaille unveils the 15 Year Anniversary Eye Shade Trio – Housed in a refillable collector’s edition gunmetal palette, decorated with Sylvie Chantecaille’s signature, the trio embodies the iconic Chantecaille woman, effortlessly complimenting the Fall 2014 runway trends.

Proceeds from each Anniversary Trio sold will be proudly donated to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Monarch Butterfly Fund and WIDECAST to help protect our endangered elephants, butterflies and sea turtles respectively

  • Each sophisticated shade symbolizes an endangered species that still urgently needs our help:

Elephanta deep, earthy aubergine that can be applied wet or dry to the crease or lash line

Butterflya warm buttery vanilla that can be used to smooth and highlight the eyelid or brow bone

Sea Turtle a delicate copper infused with light-reflecting rose gold pearl

  • Natural Spherical Polymer creates an effortless, gliding application for a smooth and even finish, while Brown Seaweed Extract preserves and improves the delicate eyelid’s elasticity

    Embodying Chantecaille’s commitment to the environment, this limited edition philanthropic palette revisits the causes that have remained closest to the Chantecailles’ hearts throughout the years and are still urgent today. With this palette, Chantecaille continues to focus their efforts on making the situation known with hopes that knowledge will bring solutions. On the horizon we already see action that will change theses problems drastically and help save these highly endangered species.

    Known as Africa’s gardeners, for the role they play in clearing new paths and dispersing seeds, elephants are being killed for their ivory at the worst levels since the 1980s. With an estimated 38,000 elephants killed annually for their tusks, they are under grave threat—a rate that left unchanged would see elephants wiped out by 2025. Making a vast desert of the land they travel across, increased use of pesticides is also killing the many wild plants key to sustaining their migration.

    Learn more on how you can help save elephants.

    At risk of disappearing, the monarch migration is the most spectacular two-way migration carried out by an insect. Now on the endangered species list, the monarch butterfly’s fragile ecosystem has been disrupted in recent years. As a result of changing agricultural practices and deforestation, the population of hibernating monarchs was down by 95% in 2013, an all time low.

    To help support the Monarch Buttery Sancutary Foundation, visit Behind the Cause: Monarch Butterflies

    Struggling for survival, sea turtles are among the most migratory of all creatures. Traveling for tens of thousands of miles, encountering waste, garbage and huge drift nets, they give us an accurate reading on the health of our oceans. Persistent over- exploitation and the widespread collection of eggs are largely responsible for their depleted status. Resulting in deaths of tens to thousands of turtles annually, they are also captured in active or abandoned fishing gear. In the midst of danger for years, unfortunately many have been lost due to our lack of action.

    Learn more about Sea Turtles and ocean preservation.


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VOGUE: Every Model Has These In Her Medicine Cabinet

Models may be pros at walking with authority, wearing clothes well, and looking good doing practically anything—but if there is one thing that exceeds their fashion prowess, it’s their command of the world’s best beauty products. Backstage each season and on set throughout the year, they road test a mind-boggling assortment of mascaras, foundations, hairsprays, and more. Between having their hair teased within an inch of its life, their makeup applied and reapplied a dozen times in a day, and their skin pushed to its absolute limits, it’s safe to say they’ve figured out which are the most gentle, effective, and transformative formulas on the market. From the world’s sexiest (and most healing) lip balm to the original French pharmacy face cream, here are ten beauty products you can find in almost every model’s medicine cabinet.

2 / 10
Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré
The French pharmacy moisturizer and Fashion Week staple creates a perfect, dewy, fresh-from-the-facialist glow, retaining the skin’s moisture, without leaving a trace of grease.

3 / 10
Biologique Recherche Lotion P50
Models who stop in for a treatment at Biologique Recherche’s storied skin care institute off the Champs-Élysées—or at the company’s cabine inside Charles de Gaulle’s Air France first class lounge—become invariably hooked on the company’s cult classic P50 “lotion.” This chemical exfoliator cum pH-balancing toner is behind many of the most glowing faces in the business.


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