From dry skin to chapped lips: Renowned Center City aesthetician, Danuta Mieloch, addresses your winter skin woes

Don’t fall (no pun intended) for the unseasonably warm weather this week. The crisp fall air is sure to return.

The brisk autumn and winter air can wreak havoc on skin, so I went straight to the expert for preemptive damage control. Awarded “Best Facial” in Philadelphia by Allure magazine, Danuta Mieloch, aesthetician and owner of Rescue Spa in Center City has been transforming the faces of women in Philadelphia since 2004.

Mieloch tackles the most common winter skin care concerns, such as:

Dry skin: “Winter, with its cold air and drying heat, can be tough on your skin,” says Mieloch. For dry skin, she recommends stepping up your routine to keep skin moist by:

●      Applying moisturizer right after the shower while skin is still dewy to seal in moisture.

●      Switching to a richer moisturizer.

Mieloch also advises to layer your skin care products. “Layering doesn’t just apply to your wardrobe, it also applies to your skin care,” reveals Mieloch. “Layer serums, under moisturizer, followed by sunscreen.”

Oily skin: For those with oily skin who think they can skip the moisturizer in colder weather, think again. “Oily skin still needs a lightweight moisturizer and sunscreen in the winter. Don’t forget to exfoliate, it is essential for oily skin,” reminds Mieloch.

Sensitive skin: “Choose a gentle fragrance-free cleanser and moisturizer. You might want to skip (or use less) moisturizers containing fruit acid and retinol in the winter,” warns Mieloch. “In the winter they tend to further irritate dry sensitive skin.”

Dull skin: To prevent dull, dry, rough skin, exfoliate gently and regularly. At Rescue, we suggest using P50 for both face and body. It instantly brightens the skin, removing dead skin cells, unclogs pores, and lets moisturizer better penetrate the skin.

Other tips Mieloch shares are:

●      For chapped lips, use Aquaphor or a beeswax-based lip balm, preferably with SPF.

●      Hands need extra care in the winter. Apply moisturizer followed by SPF.  Wear cotton gloves with a heavy moisturizer on overnight to really soothe and soften hands.

●      Use a humidifier at home.

●      Always wear an SPF all year long.

●      Drink plenty of water and bundle up!

To get a personalized skin care regimen from Mieloch or her trained staff, visit .

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Facial wet wipes are not a replacement for proper face cleansing with water! If you have no alternative (for example, on a flight), then they are an occasional OK substitute. However, they sit between a leave-on product and a wash-off product and don’t do either job very well at all. Instead try Eau Micellaire, it’s even travel size for you jetsetters!

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Prepare for the crisp weather!

Hydrating, firming and rejuvenating, Creme MSRH Corps is the richest of body creams. This cream is your post-summer salvation to treat sun kissed skin and prepare it for the crisp weather!

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12 Day Masque Vivant Challenge

Rescue Spa client Therese Obringer loves a good challenge and having great skin. When Danuta challenged her to use Masque Vivant daily for 12 days in a row she was ready to follow orders and masked diligently for 12 days. By the twelfth day her skin was absolutely GLOWING!

“I can’t believe what a difference using the masks made. Not only how my skin looks, but how it feels!  I’m addicted to using them several times a week. PS – do it with a friend and take pics. More fun that way!” -Therese Obringer

See her progress in the photos below…



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Oh sugar, sugar…

“Refined sugar (bleached, blanched, and anything ending in ‘ose’ such as fructose, galactose, sucrose) all cause dehydration to skin cells, resulting in that crepey, thin-looking skin that is anything but healthy. Sugars bind to to the essential fatty acids that make up the outer layer of our skin cells, preventing the nutrients getting in, and the toxins getting out. So, rather than spending fortunes on skincare remedies, why not cut back on your sugars, and treat yourself to a great facial every month – far better value.” -Get The

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The Legal Intelligencer voted Rescue Spa “Bronze” in their Best Of special issue…

Rescue Spa Philadelphia was voted BRONZE by the legal community of Pennsylvania in The Legal Intelligencer’s “Best of 2014” special issue!

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Allure Best of Beauty 2014: Facials at Rescue Spa

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A revolution in skincare…

New at RESCUE! Biologique Recherche Creme Masque Vernix replicates vernix caseosa, the first protective layer on newborns’ skin.  It intensely hydrates, heals, and restores the skin, giving it a “second birth,” and leaving you with a powdery soft finish.

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Hair by Erica Divario

Erica cut her client’s hair into a bob then gave her client highlights and lowlights using a balayage technique for a more natural look.  The results are tres chic!

To book an appointment with Erica please call 215.772.2766 to speak with a spa concierge.

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Alexis Page’s Skincare Routine via Into The Gloss

“Every morning I start with the Biologique Recherche Lait VIP O2 on my dry skin and then I hop in the shower. I don’t like to put hot water on my face, so I’ll just let it hang on until I rinse off with cool water at the end.”

“At night, I mix the Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant and Masque VIP O2. That shows you how crazy I am—if you tell me to use the mask every night, I use the mask every damn night. I mix a dollop of each in my hand, go to my fridge and put baking soda in it and mix that together and put it on my face while watching TV or doing the dishes or whatever. Then I rinse it off and use Lotion P50 and maybe one of their serums that come in these cute little science-looking bottles.” -Alexis Page

Read the full article on Into The Gloss

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