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Formaldehyde Free
Works on All Hair Types
Makes Hair More Manageable
Reduces Frizz
Softens & Loosens Curls
Reduces Blow Dry Time
Lasts for about 4-5 months
Hair can be washed as usual
Color can be done same day

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At Last! How to Really Protect Your Skin While Traveling

As spring approaches, so too do the skin woes associated with seasonal shifts—all of which are compounded by inevitable spring travel. Whether skin is dehydrated, dull, or just plain irritated, Dr. Philippe Allouche has the fix. As Director of Innovation for Biologique Recherche, the high-tech Parisian skin-care brand whose products and treatments are found at the top spas around the world, Allouche knows secrets to glowing skin, no matter where you go.


1. You travel the globe meeting with clients and searching for new skin-care technologies. Tell me, what happens to skin during a flight?

When traveling, skin becomes dehydrated and dull due to climatic changes, long-haul flights, modifications in diet, additional stresses, etc. Pressurized airline cabins also contain less oxygen, which inhibits water retention and is damaging to skin. I always say you need a strict skincare routine to combat dehydration while on the road. Look for products that reduce sensitivity, and always use a moisturizer in-flight—not just a water-based formula, but one that also contains lipids, which provide elasticity and protect against water loss.


2.  What are the smartest things someone can do before, during, and after a flight to help protect skin?

Before: Prevention is key. Two weeks prior to travel, start incorporating serums into your skin-care regimen that are designed to prevent skin reactions.

During: Your in-flight ritual should be based on light exfoliation, powerful hydration, and protection. During long-haul flights, use a mild cleanser designed for sensitive skin. I always carry on Biologique Recherche L’Eauxygenante. It’s a facial spray that’s packed with antioxidants and oxygenating Vitamins A and C, extracted from Orange and Kiwi cells. I spritz this on my skin several times during a flight. I’ll also cover my face with a serum (again, one that’s designed for sensitive skin) to prevent irritation and moisturize the epidermis.

After: Once on the ground, use something that will gently exfoliate, hydrate, and protect. Always pack products that contain a strong concentration of anti-inflammatory active ingredients, plus sun protection. (Try Biologique Recherche’s P50V lotion, a gentler version of our P50 balancing exfoliator.)


3.  What’s the biggest skin-care mistake someone can make in-flight?

Flight attendants may offer you a warm towel to wipe your hands and face while airborne. I always tell clients not to use this on the face, since skin adversely reacts to heat, leading to an imbalance. Instead, ask for a cold towel to refresh, or use micellar water—a cult French product that removes makeup and cleanses the skin without having to rinse.


4. Any common misconceptions when it comes to skincare in the U.S.?

Extractions are very big in North America. Aestheticians frequently suggest that clients “clean” their pores before traveling. But flying at 30,000 feet in a dry atmosphere can cause bad reactions if your skin is recently extracted. Not to mention if you’re headed to a hot and humid climate, your skin may have trouble healing, which could worsen things. If extractions are vital to your routine, my advice is to schedule a treatment at least one month before traveling.


5. Your top five Biologique packing essentials?

Lait VIP O2: An anti-pollution facial cleanser that eliminates impurities, calms the epidermis, and unifies the complexion. It’s ideal for those headed to dry climates, or places with lots of pollution—and especially for frequent travelers with stressed, devitalized skin.

Lotion P50W: A gentle exfoliating lotion that helps to brighten, purify, tone, hydrate, and maintain the acid pH of the epidermis.

L’eauxygenante: A moisturizing, antioxidant, and oxygenating mist that stimulates the epidermis and envelops it in a protective veil.

Crème VIP 02: The ultimate hydrating cream, which contains an oxygenating complex to protect skin against pollution.

BioKiss: A soothing lip balm that moisturizes, revitalizes, and protects the lips from climatic aggressions.


6. What’s your No. 1 skincare secret?


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Balancing the skin gives the best results.

Name: Terri Lawton
Clients: Lena Dunham, Michelle Williams, Demi Moore

How does a person’s diet impact their skin?
“For my clients that are starting to see the effects of aging, I advise them to curb their sugar intake, including wine. They see a big difference in the skin’s luster and health, and we really see the skin start to perk up. We also do food-allergy testing on our clients. For some, detecting allergies (and avoiding those foods) has reduced problems.”

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about skin care in your career?
“The biggest thing I have learned is that balancing the skin gives the best results. I personally don’t use strong chemicals and peels. Instead, I choose nourishing serums with high-quality ingredients.”

What are a few of your go-to products?
“Crème Dermo-RL by Biologique Recherche is great for skin that is dehydrated because it hydrates and is very nourishing.”…

What are the most important parts to a good at-home routine?
“A good routine includes a cleanser, toner (optional), a serum, an eye cream, a moisturizer for day and night, and a light sunblock for daytime.”


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Please VOTE for Rescue Spa! Best of Philly Day Spa: 2015


Please VOTE for Rescue Spa! Best of Philly Day Spa: 2015




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Youth is on everyone’s lips!

Valmont’s Prime Lip Repair gets a new restorative anti-aging formula brimming with regenerative ingredients. This 24-hour lip care acts as intensive repair for the lips and the lip contour. An indispensable routine to preserve plump lips and a radiant smile.



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Unnecessary (Eye) Baggage via Into The Gloss

Enough eye bags can lead to actual emotional baggage. Especially once they start attracting attention (even if only one over-zealous coworker asks “Are you OK?” that is one too many). When not even Touche Éclat can spell out ‘I’M FINE’ under your eyes, it’s time to assess other options—besides some much needed R&R, because who has the time?

The Quick Fix
Makeup artist Tom Pecheux suggests a bottle of Biologique Recherche Serum Yall O2. Besides his claim that “their products smell like science,” this serum works double on puffy eyes and laugh lines. “After a few minutes, it softens the lines completely.”

The Vegetable
Fashion editor Azza Yousif has tried all the creams to combat tired eyes, but only one remedy works when times are desperate. “If I feel like they’re really puffy and dark, I’ll use sliced cucumbers from the freezer—they take the puffiness away,” she said. “I keep them on until the slices start to melt.”

The Tea Bag
But perhaps the most practical remedy serves both body and mind. Make yourself some tea, drink it, then save those tea bags and do as Teresa Palmer does. “If my eyes are still puffy after I clean my face with cold water, I’ll get caffeinated tea bags, soak them in water, freeze them, and take them out 15 minutes before I’m doing my makeup or getting it done for an event. You put the bags on your eyes, and the caffeine gets rid of the puffiness,” she told us in her Top Shelf. “Oh, my poor, puffy eyes.”


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March Regenerating Facial

Schedule a Regenerating Facial.

DIY Regenerating Facial in 6 easy steps!
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Healthy Skin is everything!!!

Makeup: Victoria Roggio

Hair: Tonia Day

Photography: Jauhien Sasnou Photography

Location: Make Me Up Pretty

Hi everyone! Today’s blog post is dedicated to skin and some advice that you have to take into consideration during the time you are engaged and not only. I’m starting a new series of posts on my blog, sharing with you my favorite beauty/makeup/hair products, since this has been the most requested topic from my readers lately. These products might look very familiar to you, even though they’re not being sold everywhere and most of the times you can purchase them in SPAs around the world or online. Trust me great skin and a good regimen is everything and it will make your life so much easier. 

In the past 2 years I have gained a lot of knowledge about skincare and great products, guess what I am working with one of the most talented and knowledgeable team at Rescue Spa, Philadelphia. Being a product junkie I try everything that’s out there, and then of course I share my knowledge and experience with my readers and clients. I love skin, I love health and I love everything that makes you pretty and feel good. My theory is very simple, less is more. Having a healthy skin is everything and now is the right time to address questions if you have them, now is a good time to meet and talk about your concerns. I am happy to recommend you some great products that changed my life and made me wear so much less makeup and feel great about my skin.

In the past few months I have met a good number of clients who had the same problem, dehydration and dull skin. Often people forget about the basics: Cleanse, Exfoliate and Hydrate. I’ve heard so many times the myth “drinking 8 glasses of water a day will rehydrate your skin”. Well guess what, it is great to stay hydrated and drink a lot of water but there are some essential steps that you still have to follow and make some time to give love to your beautiful face and body.

1. Cleansing The Skin sets the stage for everything else that will take place in your skin. More so than any other part of your skin-care routine, it is essential that the cleansing products you use are gentle. Over cleansing or using cleansers that are too drying is a major cause of irritation, dry patches and sometimes redness. Different cleansers suit different faces. I love mild, creamy formulas of cleansers because they don’t irritate my skin, but a foaming cleanser or gel cleanser may be better for oily skin (Valmont Nature Cleansing with a Gel). I use daily to remove my makeup and cleanse my skin Lait U by Biologique Recherche. It’s more than a cleanser, it’s also a makeup remover.  Lait U is a non-oily, fresh cleanser that respects the skin’s natural moisturizing processes. It is recommended for all skin types. It gently removes makeup, impurities, and cleanses without dehydrating. Respects the function of the epidermis. Does not leave an oily film.

2. Exfoliate your skin. I love and I can rave about P50 Original 1970 by Bilogique Recherche. This toner is “like a facial in a bottle” (Danuta Mieloch). It hydrates, exfoliates and balances the pH level in your skin. This product has changed my life and I highly recommend to use it . I have noticed that my skin feels fresh and young, I have a natural glow after using P50 Toner for over a year in the AM and PM. However, when I wake up in the morning, and my skin feels so soft and most importantly, a lot more rested. And since my schedule has been super hectic, that’s absolutely crucial for me.

3. Moisturize. When staring at the shelves and shelves of skin-care products, it can seem as if there is a cream for every pore. But finding the right formula is actually pretty simple. You can always make an app to see an esthetician or get samples of products that you find interesting and find more about them. I personally like to layer my products since I don’t like to feel a heavy cream on my skin. I use a Serum under my eyes and checks area to brighten my skin and on top a moisturizer. It is also great to have one moisturizer for the day that does a double duty. Day formula should contain a broad – spectrum SPF of at least 15, and after that , you can pick your weapon : anti- oxidants, anti-aging, anti-acne, you name it and I am happy to help you.

Silk Plus Serum by Bilogique Recherche unifies the complexion of the skin. is a moisturizing, smoothing serum that contains high concentrations of regenerating agents, Hyaluronic Acid, Cucumber and Silk extracts which really soothe the skin and leave it feeling silky soft! It is recommended for all skin types.

As my day moisturizer I prefer to use Embryolisse, it is lightweight and great for all skin types. “This cult Parisian cream is found in every makeup artist’s backstage kit bag.” Packed with nourishing, skin-plumping ingredients, Embryolisse’s cult formula can be used as a moisturizer, cleanser, mask or primer. See the tone and feel of your complexion visibly improve thanks to Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Soy Protein – all are rich in essential vitamins, fatty and amino acids proven to stimulate cell renewal and collagen fibers.

  • Suitable for all ages and skin types, including children and babies – perfect for men after shaving
  • Leaves even dry and sensitive skin soothed and comforted
  • Rebuilds the hydrolipidic film that protects the skin from environmental aggression
  • Can be used as a cleanser, makeup remover, beauty mask or after sun
  • Paraben Free and Not Tested on Animals

For any questions or if you are interested to have a consultation with me, feel free to email at Hope this information is useful for all of you!

With love,



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The $16 Dewy-Skin Moisturizer You Need to Know About

“I recently witnessed a minor miracle: I watched makeup artist Diane Kendal make a model’s skin incredibly dewy and radiant. And she was using a $16 moisturizer! The stuff is so good that “all the makeup artists used to beg me to bring it back from Paris,” says hairstylist Laura de León. It’s much easier to find these days and, even without the caché, is still a favorite of makeup artists, Allure editors, and well-informed women with dewy skin.

I’m talking about Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré, a no-frills moisturizer that comes in a squeeze tube more reminiscent of ointment than an A-list cream. It contains shea butter and beeswax, so it comes out kinda thick, but “you massage it in and the skin takes on a beautiful tone without looking greasy,” says makeup artist Rafael Pita. And because it’s fragrance-free, one Allure editor with sensitive skin tells me she can use it, no problem (it’s also got soothing aloe). If you want to get the most out of it, apply it like Kendal, who gently smooths and taps a few layers over cheeks—keep going until they’re dewy—and then adds a little to the rest of the face, where you don’t want to be quite as blowy.” - BY ELIZABETH SIEGEL, ALLURE MAGAZINE Beauty Features Editor


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