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“Celebrities are always raving about their facialists, but what about those of us who can’t afford to go to the spa every other day? Ashley introduced me to Rescue Spa, which has been a godsend. It’s reasonably priced, and owner Danuta Mieloch knows her shit. (Oh, and Naomi Campbell was casually checking out the first time I walked in.)

Mieloch has a realistic approach that’s easy to manage on your own. Her team recommended that I invest in steamer to cleanse and hydrate my skin, so I bought one from Dr. Dennis Gross. I set the 15-minute timer and leave it running when I cleanse my skin on weekends. Since I started using it, I’ve seen a real improvement in my pore size and skin texture.

The steamer opens my pores up for the Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant, which I leave on for 20 minutes. Read any reviews on this mask and you’ll know it’s got a cult following — for good reason. Within a month of steaming, my face stopped breaking out as much. I’d even lost all the pimples hidden underneath my skin’s surface, which I’d been trying to shed for months. When I wash this stuff off and immediately follow it with Vintner’s Daughter Oil, I look like I got a facial for half the price.”

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P50 has changed my skin… for the better.

P50 by Biologique Recherche has changed my skin for the better.  A little over two months ago I had about ten to twelve cystic acne on my face in the hormonal area (chin/jaw line), and neck.  I was contemplating going back to my Dermatologist to get on a round or two, or three of meds for this embarrassing adult acne.  I have been on Accutane TWICE in my life, as well as, Tetracycline, Monocyline, Retin-A, and so on and so forth.  I have even tried Pro-Active, Clearasil, and EVERYTHING ELSE. You name it, I’ve used it.

I have a healthy diet, and lifestyle, as I work out and try to keep it all balanced, although two months ago  proved to be too stressful.  I made it through the holidays, and then the semester from hell reared it’s ugly head, as I took on too big of a workload.  I was transitioning between jobs, and moving to a new place, all by myself, not to mention life in general.  At this point my skin decided that my body was under too much stress, and broke out like I was seventeen all over again! GREAT!

Upon starting a new job at the number one spa in Philadelphia as an Aesthetician, I had full blown adult acne. Seriously!?  I thought I was going to be fired before I was barely hired.  I was embarrassed and ashamed to have such horrible skin.  My job is to tell clients how to care for their skin.  I needed to get it into check, real quick.

This is where I was introduced to P50other amazing products, and facials that have aided my skin to heal.  I didn’t have to go to a Dermatologist and get back on meds!  I stopped trying to extract my skin EVERY NIGHT, and let it heal. Wow, what a great idea.  I was constantly damaging my skin, never giving it a break to do what skin does best, regenerate.  What amazing advice from my Boss, but I know that when you are in your own skin, and constantly breaking out, one thinks “let me just get it out”.  I then started using P50 every day and night, religiously…  consistency is key!  I think of it like working out, the more you do it, the better results you will see.

I can honestly say that after two months, my skin is not perfect, but I no longer have cystic acne, and I have that dewy healthy glow back!  Using P50 and Mask Vivant every day has gotten my skin to the point it is at today.  It is a lifestyle choice, just like the foods you put into your mouth.  I opted to honestly try a skin care system, and with a little bit of time, I did not have to ingest any meds! YAY!  I am the type of person whom barely even takes Tylenol, unless I absolutely need it.

I have to say that with a little bit of time, consistency, dedication, and loving my skin again, I have found the light!

Esthetician, Chrissy Dress