Staff Pick: Cellcosmet for Rosacea

Rosacea is a frustrating skin condition that begins subtly, with the intermittent appearance of redness along the cheeks and nose. Often one of the problems women face is how to eliminate the buildup of dead cells on the face without causing undue irritation like many other exfoliants are prone to do.

Enter Cellcosmet Activator Gel. This product is one of my all time favorites (perfect for all skin types and pregnant women) because it ever so gently dissolves dead skin making you look as though you’ve had a light peel. It contains no alcohol and is botanically based so sufferers of Rosacea won’t experience redness after applying it. What they will experience is skin that is soft, glowing, super smooth and receptive to whatever product they wish to apply next.
I personally like to give myself a treatment with Activator Gel by smoothing a single pump on to my face and throat, letting it work for about ten minutes and then removing it with a warm wash cloth. Ultra fresh skin!
Oh and did I mention that it comes in a convenient unbreakable pump bottle? What could be better?

Rescue Spa Esthetician, Linda Harding

Staff Pick: Samantha Lowe VALMONT Body Time Control

Summer is coming. Time to start thinking about the skin you will be showing off in a few short months. Maybe you are preparing for a walk down the aisle or on the beaches of some exotic locale.  Women want smooth firm skin on their face, why not on their body? Valmont Body Time Control Line has a four-step answer that can be modified for all of Rescue’s clients.
The Fresh Dew Cleanser is a shower cream that perfectly cleanses the skin while respecting the pH balance. It nourishes and ensures an anti-aging effect. Exfoliating with the Cellular Refining Scrub will do the job to prep your skin for those weekly spray tans or for a more intense treatment like Velashape. The Body Time Control line also incorporates D.Solution Booster for slimming and reducing unsightly cellulite. C.Curve Shaper is an anti-aging firming treatment that shapes and refines skin after pregnancy, weight loss, and helps rejuvenate maturing skin.  Home care, in conjunction with spa treatments will encourage long lasting results.   While using Valmont Body Time Control Line, you can step out baring any beautiful body part with confidence.

Esthetician, Samantha Lowe


On my relentless pursuit for the perfect eye cream, I was recently introduced to Eve Lom’s Eye Cream and I adore it. This shea butter based gem glides on and makes you look and feel like you just returned from a weekend retreat. It is recommended for all skin types and works to hydrate, diminish dark circles and firm the delicate eye area. Try it! You won’t be disappointed.


Philadelphia Magazine: Dantua Mieloch, What I Love

Danuta Mieloch

Rescue Rittenhouse Spa‘s skin savior fills us in on the things she can’t live without (and the secrets behind her enviable glow).  Rescue Spa, 1601 Walnut Street, 3rd Floor, Philadelphia 19102, 215-772-2766,

  • “I wear minimal makeup, preferable Chantecaille.  It’s a beautiful, skin-friendly, natural line, and a percentage of the proceeds go to the environmental causes.”  Tiger in the Wild eye and cheek palette, $78 at Rescue Spa
  • “I’m a globe-trotter, I love to travel, whether it’s for business — such as going to anti-aging seminars — or for pleasure.  I take my Tumi carry-on anywhere I go.  It’s functional, it fits in the overhead, and my whole life fits inside.”  Similar styles at Tumi, 1733 Walnut Street, 215-564-1317
  • “My nail polish Zoya ‘Adel.’  It contains no harmful chemicals, and the color is sheer, soft and always classic.  From time to time I’ll experiment with other colors on my toes.”  $8 at Rescue Spa
  • “I go to Barneys for my all-time favorites, James Perse t-shirts and Current/Elliott jeans.  Just accessorize with high heels and jewelry and you’re ready to go out.”  Similar styles at Barneys Co-op, 1811 Walnut Street, 215.563.5333,
  • “I’ve practiced Ashtanga yoga at Shanti Yoga Shala for five years.  My favorite pose is the headstand– it does something incredible for my mind, beauty and sanity.” Shanti Yoga Shala, 262 South 12th Street, 215.923.9642,
  • “I believe in beauty from the inside out, so I eat healthy.  When I’m on the go, I supplement my diet with Pangaea Earth Foods Juices.”  From $8 each, 610.888.9213,
  • “I’m a flower addict.  I always keep an arrangement of white flowers from George Baker at home and in the spa.  They make me feel happy.”  Bouquet featuring white hydrangeas and green tea roses, $95 at George Baker Flowers Inc., 1607 Latimer Street, 215.545.8448
  • “I really enjoy watching documentaries and reading biographies of great people — Helena Rubinstein, Coco Chanel, Steve Jobs.  I keep a stack of inspiring books on my coffee table.”  From $30 at Barnes & Noble, multiple locations.


Summer in the City

Last Friday as my husband and I strolled down Walnut Street trying to burn off some calories from overindulging at Sansom Street Oyster House we came across a portrait in the making. A gorgeous bride posing for the photographer in front of Rittenhouse Square, wearing a wonderfully sumptuous creamy dress with the train swirling in front of her. She was flanked on either side by seven groomsmen, immaculately tuxedoed in black. Her bridesmaids all wore a vibrant shade of fuchsia which looks best on tanned skin, which they all had. As I watched them I wondered if they were spray tanned, sun tanned, self tanned? (Because that’s the way my esthetician mind works). Anyway, it struck me that as we creep toward the end of summer most skin can use a good professional body treatment, like a hydrating wrap. Wraps are great to remove the dry buildup that accumulates from too much sun exposure. And even if you are still beach bound on the weekends and determined to tan it up until October, it’s still a good idea right about now to give your skin a treat by sloughing away the old tan to make way for the new.

If taking time out for a body treatment cuts into your summer fun time then pop in to Rescue and pick up some body care from Lalicious. This product line has some of the most la luscious products ever. Body scrubs, cleansers and butters with names like Sugar Kissed and Vanilla Whipped that smell good enough to eat. And they make perfect gifts for your college freshman girls heading off to school. Put them in a cute basket (suitable for dorm room storage) and wait for the hugs.



Congratulations to my very talented, witty and beautiful client Gina Colantonio for, celebrating the two year mark for her very popular blog “Here Comes Gina”. This is my go to blog for hot picks from books to fashion to house wares but I only read it in private because she makes you laugh out loud.


Linda Harding