A New Perspective

Sometimes you have to leave a place for a while to really see it for what it’s worth. I am about to begin another workshop for the Oberoi Hotel Group in India, this time with the therapists at Wildflower Hall, Shimla in the Himalayas. The spa therapists in all of the locations thus far have a level of warmth, camaraderie and a genuine love for what they do. They are all very young and excited about life in general. The managers are unfailingly supportive, protective and very kind to their staff and guests, extending themselves in a way that I have rarely seen. Without a doubt the Hall of Fame award winning Oberoi Hotel Group epitomizes WCS, world class service. But what I have discovered after traveling halfway across the world is that so does multi-award winning Rescue Rittenhouse Spa.

The therapists at Rescue Spa are well informed, curious and passionate about their craft. We possess a level of expertise that can be measured against a global award winning spa group and not fall short in any regard. I have discovered that being allowed and even encouraged to take home loads of products to sample for personal use is an educational privilege that is not the norm even in a world class organization.

The reception that I have received as a trainer has opened my eyes to the importance of education for spa therapists. And so I send much respect to Danuta Mieloch for keeping us, the Rescue staff, educated, aware, on the cutting edge and providing us with awesome tools and products which ensure that we stay on top of our game. And I give props to the entire team at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa who is in my eyes without a doubt, the Best of Philadelphia and quite possibly one of the best in the world.







Linda Harding-Bond

Chantecaille Coral Reefs Palette Is Here At Rescue!

Here at Rescue we are love the natural beauty of Chantecaille makeup. That’s why we are so excited about the new Coral Reefs Palette! This paraben free palette helps to gain ongoing support and raise awareness for our oceans endangered reefs. 5% of the proceeds will benefit Marine Conservation Institute’s efforts to create marine-protected areas.

“Eyeshades in Pink pearl, Reef, Driftwood and cheek shade in Coral create a healthy, fresh and natural look.”

To read more about Coral Reefs application techniques or buy please visit Chantecaille at Shop Rescue Spa.


On my relentless pursuit for the perfect eye cream, I was recently introduced to Eve Lom’s Eye Cream and I adore it. This shea butter based gem glides on and makes you look and feel like you just returned from a weekend retreat. It is recommended for all skin types and works to hydrate, diminish dark circles and firm the delicate eye area. Try it! You won’t be disappointed.


Serge Normant’s 3 secrets of everyday gorgeous hair

“I have so much respect for women. I’ve worked with many different types of women and every type of hair and each has left its impression.  Everything I’ve learned and everything I’ve done in my life and career — bringing knowledge, experiences, scents and sensuality from different parts of the world, without forgetting about who we are right here and now — I’ve tried to put all of that experience into every bottle.”

  1. “You have to treat your hair like your skin — the lab that develops my products is a skincare lab.  If you style your hair daily, color it and backcomb it, then you need products that care.”
  2. “The one product I use all the time is Meta Revive Dry Shampoo.  It has a built-in volume booster, which is great for transforming day-to-evening hair. I also use it on freshly washed hair to give it that sexy second-day look.”
  3. “To get a great cut, always bring references to your hairdresser.  Even if the styles seem unachievable, it’s about communicating and explaining what you are looking for.  I promise you it’s very helpful.”


Kelly’s Summer Picks

With summer right around the corner, I’d like to share with you my essential picks for the upcoming season. First and foremost, every anti-aging skincare regime must contain a proper measure of protection. The old saying, “the best defense is a good offense” is absolutely true. We’re all P50 devotees, it is in fact negligent to be exfoliating (manually or chemically) without protecting our complexions. My favorite defense is Jan Marini Antioxidant SPF30 moisturizer. This moisturizer is lightweight, non-comedegenic and smells wonderful.

Our latest and greatest at Rescue, which I adore, is the Eve Lom Cleanser. It contains a unique blend of aromatic oils that cleanse, decongest and soothe the skin. The cleanser is paired with a muslin cloth which helps stimulate circulation, opens the pores and exfoliates the skin. It is divine and I look forward to cleansing my skin with it daily. Your skin is left feeling velvety smooth.

Last but certainly not least, is the new Hydra3 Regenetic Serum and Cream from Valmont. This powerful duo restores and invigorates the barrier function of the skin. Through use of their specialized patented hyaluronic acid combination, it’s actually able to plump up your skin. Think of this pair as “topical filler”, no more need for resorting to those awful needle delivered treatments in your face.

That being said, I hope that everyone will enjoy my summer pick goodies as much as I do!


Kelly Cronin

CAUTION: Wear sunscreen only in daylight and remember to remove it at night!

Here we are… it’s only April but it feels like July already!  On that note I would like to remind everyone to use a broad spectrum sunscreen.  This year the FDA is proposing a major overrule in all things sunscreen and SPF related.  Currently SPF in the USA is only measured by UVB protection (the rays that cause sunburn).  The higher the SPF the longer you can be in the sun without burning or reapplying.  However it’s the UVA rays that penetrate deeper and contribute to skin aging and the risk of skin cancer.  You can try to read ingredients on every sunscreen label and its mind boggling.  All the names and things you’ve never heard of.  A little trick I use is to think of “A” as Aging and “B” as Burning.  By this summer the FDA will enforce products to disclose the UVA and UVB protection.  Not sure what number SPF to use?  According to new rules all sunscreen will be broad spectrum protecting us from burning and premature aging, which is great news.  All sunscreens must stop at SPF 50 and give warning if they are less than SPF 15.  Also “sweat proof” will go to the wayside but “water resistant” will remain. We’ll start seeing new labels soon, which means lots of products will need to be reformulated.

The debate is still going on whether chemical or physical sunscreens are better.  In my opinion chemical sunscreens breakdown faster and have to be applied more often, whereas physical sunscreens (containing usually zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) are considered safer and they’ve been around longer.  Surely you remember sporting a white painted nose in the 1980’s! This is the type of sunscreen I personally suggest for younger kids.  No matter what type of sunscreen you choose to use make sure to bathe your kids at night. This allows their skin to breathe and assures that they won’t have prolonged exposure to chemicals on their body.  Keep in mind that sunscreens also have expiration dates and most expire 6-12 months after they’ve been opened.  It is best practice to start with fresh products every summer.  In Europe and Japan sunscreens are considered “cosmetics” which allows more ingredients to be used in their products.  That’s why I personally prefer European sunscreens like those by Institut Esthederm, a French award winning skincare line with exceptional sun care.  This is not to say that there aren’t great American sunscreens such as Jan Marini’s Antioxidant SPF 3o.

Savvy sun protection is not just about the products you use, it’s also about the application.  Apply thoroughly and often!  Don’t forget lips, hands, ears, sunglasses to protect your eyes, and a hat to protect your scalp.  No matter how good you are about using your sunscreen during the day can you please please please please not forget to remove it at night?  Water resistant sunscreens tend to stick to skin like glue.  It takes extra effort and extra cleansing to remove all traces. I recommend using a Clarisonic brush with Institut Esthederm’s Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser or our latest and greatest edition the Eve Lom cleanser with muslin cloth system.  Whatever type of cleansing you choose be sure to follow with P50.  Apply your serum and moisturizer at night to allow the skin to rejuvenate and breathe away from the sunscreen chemicals.

To demystify sunscreen its anti aging effects are only available in daylight and in the sun.  At night your skin should be slathered in wonderful serums and creams to recover from a long day of chemical exposure.  For those of you that use a day cream with SPF at night also you should seriously reconsider this. You want to limit your exposure to the chemicals and also allow your skin to breathe and regenerate.  If it were possible I would add a warning to all sunscreen labels that said “CAUTION: Wear sunscreen only in daylight and remember to remove it at night.” Hopefully the FDA is reading my blog post and we’ll see this advice appear on sunscreens down the line!

Esthetician and Owner of Rescue Rittenhouse Spa,


Danuta Mieloch


NEW at RESCUE! Jason Wu “Orchid Rain” Candle

Jason Wu’s Orchid Candle is a modern masterpiece!

Jason Wu Candles By Nest Fragrances have been designed by two powerhouses in their respective industries, internationally renowned fashion designer Jason Wu and the Queen of Candles, Laura Slatkin.

Combining white orchid – the Cattleya orchid – with nashi pear, pomegranate and goji berry. The fruity-floral essences are enhanced with blond birchwood and hints of pink pepper and coconut.  Simply divine!