Chantecaille unveils the 15 Year Anniversary Eye Shade Trio

“A striking, yet natural eye palette inspired by animals from the land, sea and air.”

In celebration of this milestone year, Chantecaille unveils the 15 Year Anniversary Eye Shade Trio – Housed in a refillable collector’s edition gunmetal palette, decorated with Sylvie Chantecaille’s signature, the trio embodies the iconic Chantecaille woman, effortlessly complimenting the Fall 2014 runway trends.

Proceeds from each Anniversary Trio sold will be proudly donated to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Monarch Butterfly Fund and WIDECAST to help protect our endangered elephants, butterflies and sea turtles respectively

  • Each sophisticated shade symbolizes an endangered species that still urgently needs our help:

Elephanta deep, earthy aubergine that can be applied wet or dry to the crease or lash line

Butterflya warm buttery vanilla that can be used to smooth and highlight the eyelid or brow bone

Sea Turtle a delicate copper infused with light-reflecting rose gold pearl

  • Natural Spherical Polymer creates an effortless, gliding application for a smooth and even finish, while Brown Seaweed Extract preserves and improves the delicate eyelid’s elasticity

    Embodying Chantecaille’s commitment to the environment, this limited edition philanthropic palette revisits the causes that have remained closest to the Chantecailles’ hearts throughout the years and are still urgent today. With this palette, Chantecaille continues to focus their efforts on making the situation known with hopes that knowledge will bring solutions. On the horizon we already see action that will change theses problems drastically and help save these highly endangered species.

    Known as Africa’s gardeners, for the role they play in clearing new paths and dispersing seeds, elephants are being killed for their ivory at the worst levels since the 1980s. With an estimated 38,000 elephants killed annually for their tusks, they are under grave threat—a rate that left unchanged would see elephants wiped out by 2025. Making a vast desert of the land they travel across, increased use of pesticides is also killing the many wild plants key to sustaining their migration.

    Learn more on how you can help save elephants.

    At risk of disappearing, the monarch migration is the most spectacular two-way migration carried out by an insect. Now on the endangered species list, the monarch butterfly’s fragile ecosystem has been disrupted in recent years. As a result of changing agricultural practices and deforestation, the population of hibernating monarchs was down by 95% in 2013, an all time low.

    To help support the Monarch Buttery Sancutary Foundation, visit Behind the Cause: Monarch Butterflies

    Struggling for survival, sea turtles are among the most migratory of all creatures. Traveling for tens of thousands of miles, encountering waste, garbage and huge drift nets, they give us an accurate reading on the health of our oceans. Persistent over- exploitation and the widespread collection of eggs are largely responsible for their depleted status. Resulting in deaths of tens to thousands of turtles annually, they are also captured in active or abandoned fishing gear. In the midst of danger for years, unfortunately many have been lost due to our lack of action.

    Learn more about Sea Turtles and ocean preservation.


VOGUE: Every Model Has These In Her Medicine Cabinet

Models may be pros at walking with authority, wearing clothes well, and looking good doing practically anything—but if there is one thing that exceeds their fashion prowess, it’s their command of the world’s best beauty products. Backstage each season and on set throughout the year, they road test a mind-boggling assortment of mascaras, foundations, hairsprays, and more. Between having their hair teased within an inch of its life, their makeup applied and reapplied a dozen times in a day, and their skin pushed to its absolute limits, it’s safe to say they’ve figured out which are the most gentle, effective, and transformative formulas on the market. From the world’s sexiest (and most healing) lip balm to the original French pharmacy face cream, here are ten beauty products you can find in almost every model’s medicine cabinet.

2 / 10
Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré
The French pharmacy moisturizer and Fashion Week staple creates a perfect, dewy, fresh-from-the-facialist glow, retaining the skin’s moisture, without leaving a trace of grease.

3 / 10
Biologique Recherche Lotion P50
Models who stop in for a treatment at Biologique Recherche’s storied skin care institute off the Champs-Élysées—or at the company’s cabine inside Charles de Gaulle’s Air France first class lounge—become invariably hooked on the company’s cult classic P50 “lotion.” This chemical exfoliator cum pH-balancing toner is behind many of the most glowing faces in the business.


NEW at RESCUE! Serge Lutens Santal Majuscule Eau De Parfum

NEW at RESCUE!  Serge Lutens Santal Majuscule Eau De Parfum

Santal Majuscule, which means “sandalwood with a capital letter”, plays on the secular harmony of this creamy, smoky, almost floral note with roses. The unexpected twist is the addition of cocoa – not the dry, powdery type matched with patchouli in Borneo 1834, but a smooth touch of chocolate that marries with the milkiness of sandalwood in a subtly gourmand accent. A tender, subtle rendition of the note: in “majuscule”, you could read “magic” – as in the magical world of a little black-eyed boy called Serge, who put capital letters to words like “Gold”, “Fire” and “Flowers”.

Notes: Sandalwood, rose, cocoa, tonka bean

NEW at RESCUE! Hydra Pure Firming Eye Cream

“A cream that dramatically firms the eye area, reduces puffiness, and replenishes hydration.”
The skin surrounding the eye area is thin, so there is a paradoxical need for a specially formulated cream that is strong yet gentle. By combining the benefits of the exclusive Hydra-Pure Chelating Complex® with 14 powerful ingredients that stimulate collagen and prevent its breakdown, you will see an immediate lifting effect around the eye area that is sustained with continued use.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare’s Chelating Complex™ detoxifies skin from heavy metals and free radicals found in the water used to cleanse the face. Gentle enough for all skin types, this product is dermatologist-approved, vegan, and cruelty-free.

NO Parabens

JENNA LYONS on her favorite products for INTO THE GLOSS

“I’m very loyal to beauty products.” “Biologique Recherche Lotion P50, which I’m obsessed with. I have the other creams and stuff, but this is the one that I always use; if I travel I don’t leave without it. Sometimes you wash your face after having makeup on and it doesn’t feel totally clean, and this is the only thing that does that for me. It’s a little like an adult-level Stridex pad, except it doesn’t strip all the grease off your face—I want to preserve the grease. I need the grease; I just want to get the clean.” – Jenna Lyons

Hydration: The Essence of Health

I see clients on a daily basis. During the initial consultation I often notice the tell signs of dehydration; dark circles, fine lines, pigmentation and acne are more than skin deep. Great skin is a reflection of what one puts in their body (digestion) as well as how one takes care of their skin.

Proper skin care is very important, here are my recommendations:

1) Cleanse gently.
2) Exfoliate with the p50 formula appropriate for your skin type (essential to balance the pH of your skin and to ensure proper hydration).
3) Use a hyaluronic acid serum like Valmont’s hydra3 regenetic or Biologique Recherche’s Serum Yall o2 to keep skin plump & hydrated and, yes, looking younger.

Babies are born with a high level of hyaluronic acid, which keeps their skin plump and smooth. Unfortunately, the amount of hyaluronic acid in skin diminishes with age, most significantly after age 40.  While it’s not possible to maintain that perfect dewy baby-skin, it is possible to help restore the skin’s hyaluronic acid content and give grown-up skin a younger, fresher, smoother, more supple and hydrated look. Applied topically it increases hydration, improves elasticity and also reverses free radical damage. For those who get injectables hyaluronic acid prolongs the plumping effect.  All skin types, even oily, can benefit from using hyaluronic acid serum.

4) Mature and drier skin types should always apply moisturizer to prevent transepidermal water loss and to lock in the moisture .

To maintain optimal hydration we need to focus on proper nutrition and drinking plenty of water. Water is the body’s principal chemical component and makes up about 60% of our body weight. All systems and organs in our bodies depend on water. We need water even for healthy bones.  As much as 75% of the body weight of a newborn infant is water, whereas some adults are as little as 45% water by weight.  When you become dehydrated the body pulls water from your tissues (skin) to maintain the concentration in your blood.  When this happens your eyes may look sunken, skin may feel drier it’s not going to be as elastic or supple, and so you will look much older.
The first symptom of dehydration is not thirst, it’s usually fatigue, feeling tired.
Healing with water is legendary… staying hydrated properly is scientifically proven to be essential.
At Rescue we emphasize the importance of hydration.  We prepare infused water daily and offer it to clients upon their arrival.  We offer two choices that I recommend to everyone to make at home as well:

1) Filtered ionized water infused with orange, cucumber and mint.
2) Filtered ionized water infused with lemon and lime (my favorite beauty booster in the morning).

As for nutrition (Philadelphia has amazing produce markets) try to incorporate a variety of seasonal vegetables, fruits, local fish, meats and cheeses.  Avoid processed food, sugars, white flour, soda, and hydrogenated fats to maintain a healthy body and skin.  Focus on incorporating healthy protein, whole grains, skin healthy fats like omegas 3, 6, & 9 from foods like avocado & coconut, as well as probiotics to maintain a healthy digestive system.  A healthy liver is responsible for healthy skin.

Here I’d like to share my “Skin Glow” juice recipe.  I use an Omega juicer, but any juicer will do the trick. 🙂

1 Cucumber
A few sprigs of Parsley
2 stalks of Celery
A handful of Kale
1 Apple
1/2 a Lemon
1 small piece of Ginger

Increase your energy and super hydrate with this simple juice… and don’t forget to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily!

Esthetician and Owner of Rescue Spa,

Danuta Mieloch

Field Guide: 5 Awesome Beauty Stores (That Aren’t Sephora)

The best spots to stock your beauty arsenal.
BY  |  AUGUST 7, 2014

When the spa moved to 16th and Walnut, it expanded its services (hello, Best of Philly 2014 winner for blowouts!). But we really love the new location for its bigger, better selection of beauty products, now organized in a huge display section worthy of the luxury brands it carries. Here you can score hard-to-find products like Valmont and Biologique Recherche skincare, Keiko Mecheri and Serge Lutens perfumes, Chantecaille makeup, makeup shampoos and conditioners, and James Read self-tanning lotions. It’s basically the best of all European beauty brands in one sleek space.

Better yet: Their website makes it easy to shop online, too.

Go here for: The cult-favorite P50, which magically turns tired, dull skin into dewy-fresh perfection. See owner Danuta’s skin for proof.
1601 Walnut Street, Center City,