“A striking, yet natural eye palette inspired by animals from the land, sea and air.”

In celebration of this milestone year, Chantecaille unveils the 15 Year Anniversary Eye Shade Trio – Housed in a refillable collector’s edition gunmetal palette, decorated with Sylvie Chantecaille’s signature, the trio embodies the iconic Chantecaille woman, effortlessly complimenting the Fall 2014 runway trends.
Proceeds from each Anniversary Trio sold will be proudly donated to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Monarch Butterfly Fund and WIDECAST to help protect our endangered elephants, butterflies and sea turtles respectively

  • Each sophisticated shade symbolizes an endangered species that still urgently needs our help:

Elephanta deep, earthy aubergine that can be applied wet or dry to the crease or lash line
Butterflya warm buttery vanilla that can be used to smooth and highlight the eyelid or brow bone
Sea Turtle a delicate copper infused with light-reflecting rose gold pearl

  • Natural Spherical Polymer creates an effortless, gliding application for a smooth and even finish, while Brown Seaweed Extract preserves and improves the delicate eyelid’s elasticity
    Embodying Chantecaille’s commitment to the environment, this limited edition philanthropic palette revisits the causes that have remained closest to the Chantecailles’ hearts throughout the years and are still urgent today. With this palette, Chantecaille continues to focus their efforts on making the situation known with hopes that knowledge will bring solutions. On the horizon we already see action that will change theses problems drastically and help save these highly endangered species.
    Known as Africa’s gardeners, for the role they play in clearing new paths and dispersing seeds, elephants are being killed for their ivory at the worst levels since the 1980s. With an estimated 38,000 elephants killed annually for their tusks, they are under grave threat—a rate that left unchanged would see elephants wiped out by 2025. Making a vast desert of the land they travel across, increased use of pesticides is also killing the many wild plants key to sustaining their migration.
    Learn more on how you can help save elephants.
    At risk of disappearing, the monarch migration is the most spectacular two-way migration carried out by an insect. Now on the endangered species list, the monarch butterfly’s fragile ecosystem has been disrupted in recent years. As a result of changing agricultural practices and deforestation, the population of hibernating monarchs was down by 95% in 2013, an all time low.
    To help support the Monarch Buttery Sancutary Foundation, visit Behind the Cause: Monarch Butterflies
    Struggling for survival, sea turtles are among the most migratory of all creatures. Traveling for tens of thousands of miles, encountering waste, garbage and huge drift nets, they give us an accurate reading on the health of our oceans. Persistent over- exploitation and the widespread collection of eggs are largely responsible for their depleted status. Resulting in deaths of tens to thousands of turtles annually, they are also captured in active or abandoned fishing gear. In the midst of danger for years, unfortunately many have been lost due to our lack of action.
    Learn more about Sea Turtles and ocean preservation.