It’s easy as slipping into your favorite sun dress…

1. Swap your foundation for a light tinted moisturizer. Jan Marini’s are light and airy on your skin therefore preventing it from “caking”.
2. Apply bronzer (always using a powder brush) to the higher points of your face where the sun naturally hits you: forehead, cheekbones, chin, nose and don’t forget to include the neck. *Over bronzing in other areas of the face will give the look of a fake, baked tan.
3. Add light shimmering corals or pink blushes on the apples of the cheeks.
4. In hot weather, creamy lipsticks look way too heavy. Swap it with a tinted lip gloss or lip stain. My personal favorite is our Chantecaille’s “Glee” because it compliments everyone! Yes, everyone.
5. For your eyes, smooth on an eye primer and set it with a light layer of powder before applying eye makeup. Light shimmery eye shadows look fresh. If you use eyeliner, apply dark eye shadow over the lined area with an angled brush so that it stays put. To top it off, apply water resistant mascara (no need for waterproof unless you’re a bride).
My philosophy… Makeup is a big part of skin care. It should be applied to enhance your natural beauty and never to be abused or “cover up”.
Rescue Spa Makeup Artist, Nikki Y Chung