A new serum Progeskin, also known as Skin Rebirth Serum, has been developed to tackle skin problems related to aging. Powered by a dual-action formula, Progeskin targets key proteins implicated in skin senescence, delivering unparalleled rejuvenation to the epidermis, revitalizing it, preserving cell longevity, and promoting overall skin health.

How does Serum Progeskin work?

At the heart of Progeskin’s efficacy lie two potent action platforms: the Anti-senescence platform Progescence® and the Pro-longevity platform Pro-KL®. These platforms work synergistically to combat the aging process at its core.

  1. Progescence®: Regulating Progerin Synthesis Progerin, a protein associated with accelerated aging, is a primary target of Progeskin’s Anti-senescence platform. By regulating the synthesis of progerin, Progeskin promotes epidermal rejuvenation, effectively slowing down the visible signs of aging. This targeted approach not only reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines but also enhances overall skin firmness and tone.
  2. Pro-KL®: Preserving Cell Longevity The Pro-longevity platform of Progeskin focuses on preserving cell longevity by promoting the synthesis of Klotho protein. Klotho protein plays a crucial role in delaying the onset of senescence in skin cells, ensuring that the skin maintains its youthful vitality for longer. By harnessing the power of Pro-KL®, Progeskin helps to safeguard the skin’s internal regeneration process, protecting it from premature aging.

Benefits of Progeskin Serum

The benefits of Progeskin Serum extend beyond surface-level improvements, offering comprehensive rejuvenation and protection against skin aging.

  1. Epidermal Rejuvenation: By targeting progerin synthesis, Progeskin stimulates epidermal rejuvenation, resulting in smoother, more youthful-looking skin.
  2. Cell Longevity: Through the promotion of Klotho protein synthesis, Progeskin preserves cell longevity, delaying the aging process at a cellular level.
  3. Firming Effect: Progeskin enhances skin firmness and tone, imparting a more lifted and sculpted appearance to facial features.
  4. Anti-Wrinkle Effect: By restructuring the dermis, Progeskin exerts a preventive and corrective anti-aging effect, reducing the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.
  5. Internal Regeneration: Progeskin restarts the skin’s internal regeneration process, fortifying it against external aggressors and environmental stressors that contribute to premature aging.

How to use Serum Progeskin

Progeskin serum is a treatment phase in a skincare routine following cleansing, exfoliation, and toning.

  1. Ensure that your skin is thoroughly cleansed before applying Progeskin Serum.
  2. Dispense a few drops of the serum onto your fingertips.
  3. In the morning and/or evening, gently massage the serum onto your face, neck, and décolleté using upward, circular motions.
  4. Continue massaging until the serum has been evenly distributed and fully absorbed into the skin.

Progeskin Serum is an exceptional product that highlights the remarkable advancements made in science to combat the effects of skin aging. Its exclusive blend operates in two modes, specifically targeting proteins that are responsible for the aging process. Progeskin is a true innovation in the realm of anti-aging skincare, as it revitalizes the skin’s surface, extends the lifespan of skin cells, and boosts overall skin well-being.