I love brides. I’m that crazy woman you see at weddings who always sits on the end seat of the church pew craning her neck to see every detail of the wedding gown, Kleenex in hand ready to bawl her eyes out. I believe that all brides should be as perfect as possible for that special day because the pictures are for posterity. And it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing Monique or Vera or your Mom’s gown because if your skin is not glowing and beautiful you probably won’t feel as pretty as you should.
With regard to bridal skin the game has changed a bit. The Bridal Book of Beauty
Rules (BBBR) has in many ways become obsolete. Similar to the IT industry, skin
care advances are moving at the speed of light. This is great news for brides because it
makes the road to beautyliciousness easier to navigate with the assistance of the right
The BBBR states that you should never have a facial within 2 weeks of your wedding
date because your face might explode in a mass of zits making you totally unrecognizable
to family and groom. That rule is so not true. But I do understand where it came from.
For 8 years I served as a bridal makeup artist for two prestigious spas on the Main Line.
Often the bride-to-be would book a spa package which included a facial followed by the
makeup trial or actual wedding day makeup application. It would drive me crazy having
to apply foundation over beaten up, irritated skin which resulted after an aggressive
facial. I would wonder who in their right mind actually performs deep extractions or uses
extreme products on a bride the day of her wedding or the week before.
My philosophy is when the wedding date is this close the focus of the esthetician should
be only to enhance the bride’s skin making it pretty and radiant in preparation for that
walk down the aisle.
My brides will come in the week of their wedding to get their facials because of this philosophy. At Rescue Rittenhouse we have the most up-to-date, state of the art equipment as well as world class products to insure ultimate bridal beautyliciousness. I am totally in love with Cellcosmet Gel Activateur which gently dissolves dead layers leaving your skin crazy beautiful and glowing. This product also works well on skin with rosacea since it doesn’t irritate. Cellcosmet is the skin care line placed in the swag bags of Oscar nominees. Need I say more?
And if you are having an evening wedding the Golden Fluide serum by Carita is the must have product splurge for all skin tones. It gives the skin a golden lit from within finish that is unreal. It would also be fabulous for those candle-lit honeymoon evenings.
I have to say, if you have even a tentative wedding date you should be scheduling for a
bridal skin consultation. Six months (or more) ahead is ideal because if you have issues
or problems with your skin you’ll want to allow sufficient time to get it photo ready
and if your skin is perfect I can recommend products to make you a goddess. But my
last minute brides have been known to pop up for a facial the morning of their wedding.
That’s Ok too. After all, they’re at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa.
Love ya,
Linda Harding