If the eyes are the windows to the soul, what does that make for the eyebrows? Can you say really fabulous custom drapery? The eyebrow, if properly shaped, can take years off your face and even improve bone structure. Well, the former is true but the latter is actually taken from the October issue of Allure Magazine, Best of Beauty Directory. Allure Magazine named me the Best in Brows for Philadelphia saying “Brows that enhance (and even seem to improve) your bone structure”. Women come to me saying “I’m growing out my brows” or “just clean them up, I like the shape”. For the clients growing out their brows, I ask the following questions: how long has it been since you’ve had your brows tweezed or waxed? have you ever had thicker eyebrows? are you using a growth stimulator? Some women think by not doing anything to their brows, they will just fill in on their own. The trend of thicker, highly groomed brows is here to stay. Not all of us were born with Brooke Shields’ eyebrows. And that’s okay. Making the most from what you have is where I come in. After I make my assessment, I like to tint the brows so that the lighter hairs become pigmented and enhance the fullness. Trimming and shaping are next. I use hard wax which is gentle for the most sensitive eye tissue and follow up with tweezing to perfect the arch. And speaking of arches, remember your brows are sisters, not twins. Faces are not perfectly symmetrical and brows may not be exactly the same. My final recommendation is to begin using RevitaBrow every night, NO TWEEZING, and come back in 4 weeks. Learning to use a brow pencil can make this process less painful and I am happy to teach all of my clients proper filling and defining techniques. Schedule your Designer Brow Shaping today and I promise you’ll have more beautiful brows in 30 minutes.
Feel young, look younger!
Rescue Esthetician,

Samantha Lowe