Like the weather, our bodies change season to season, and the winter months can be especially hard on your hands. Exposure and dry conditions can wreak havoc on your skin and cuticles. This can lead to dryness, eczema, cracking, and unhealthy cuticles.
Be proactive about the health of your hands this winter and take some time to show your hands a little love. We have two quick and inexpensive fixes for those winter hands.
Qtica Oil Gel ($12)
This is one of my favorite products for this time of the year, it is a cuticle oil in gel form that contains more than 12 essential oils. It penetrates into the cuticle and heals; all good to helping maintain healthy looking cuticles.
Application: Start by applying a dab to cuticles and massage in, it melts into the cuticle and locks in the moisture.
One minute manicure: ($12)
This is a great product for the woman who’s always moving (who isn’t) and has no time to heal those dry cracked hands. This product contains dead sea salts along with oils to help get rid of that dry skin and leaves hands moisturized with a soft glow.
Application: Apply a dime sized amount into hand and massage in for a minute. I always tell clients to pay attention to the areas in-between the fingers and around the cuticles because these areas are the most likely for dryness and cracking to begin. And remember – a little goes along way!
Hope to see you soon for a manicure!
Nail Technician,

Kelly Jean Collana