COVETEUR: It’s Time To Reopen: 10 Business Owners On What The Future Holds: Danuta Mieloch, Founder Of Rescue Spa

“Right now we’re reopening New York for retail hair services. It has been so nice to see clients again, as many have been asking when we were going to reopen. Now it is such a special feeling, even though you can’t physically touch—I’ve been moved by the kind words from our clients. They remind me and my team why we are working and why we are doing what we are doing, because we love service. We love helping people” – Danuta Mieloch said

“At first, we had to close both locations, in New York and Philadelphia, and now as we reopen, we are really monitoring and paying super close attention to what each city is allowing. We always took sanitization really seriously. For me, cleanliness is next to godliness, especially in sesthetics. We always adhere to strict rules, but now those rules are even stricter: The mask will be worn at all times by therapists, our therapists will do temperature checks, and everyone will remain at six feet distance. What’s nice for us is our space is big—and I think that’s our super advantage, rather than being in super-tight quarters”

“I think massive sanitization is the key. I, personally, am very strict with this, and these are the rules in becoming an aesthetician. For the masks: Forever we will be wearing masks, even with a cold—it’s a good habit to have when protecting others. This is the new normal. As a founder, I am going to remain vigilant about the rules and regulations. In terms of self-care and education, we are looking into virtual consultations, providing access to customers who don’t feel comfortable walking into a spa. We want to create an opportunity for all of our clients. As far as beauty trends, we will be using more high-tech machines, like LED lights. LED lights kill bacteria, so using technologies like that will be important “- said Mieloch.

“We’ve tried to stay connected with our community digitally—the relationship as a spa owner is magical, because you know these people for 10 to 15 years or longer. It’s a special connection. I think we are going into a different world, but it will be a better place.”