Cerabalm was the first product released into the Danucera Capsule collection and for good reason! This clean-beauty multi-purpose facial balm has quickly become a favorite when looking for fresh, hydrated, radiant skin. This makes it the perfect product to be introduced to the stars and presenters of the 2024 Grammys, in their Grammy gift bags!

Danucera Collection

In our recent feature in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Danucera founder Danuta Mieloch states “I’m happy. I’m thrilled. This is so big for us. We are creating a cult classic.” The Danucera skincare line is currently made up of the D22 Tonic ($88), the Iconic Eye ($145) and the Cream Supreme ($195). In the coming weeks, Danucera will be releasing their Master Mask! 

Retail Manager at Rescue Spa Philadelphia, Kelly Lizzio said in a recent interview with CBS “Cerabalm is a facial in a jar, anybody can use it. You can use it as a cleanser as a mask or to give yourself a facial massage. Honestly, it is our hero product”. 

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