As the red carpet rolled out for the GRAMMYs, all eyes were on the stunning Janelle Monae, who dazzled in a polished, clean, and flawless ensemble. But what truly elevated her look to the next level? The answer lies in the meticulous skincare regimen crafted by celebrity makeup artist Keita Moore, featuring the luxurious Danucera skincare line.

Moore, the mastermind behind Monae’s radiant complexion, reveals, “The inspiration for the evening was polished, clean, and flawless! The award season is a blast as it allows us to fully embrace glamor and have a great time.”

For Moore, the key to achieving Monae’s impeccable base started with prioritizing hydration. “I began by prioritizing the base,” he explains. “This means a next-level moisturizer for optimal hydration, such as the Danucera’s Cerabalm and Cream Supreme, to ensure smooth coverage.”

Highlighting the importance of sculpting, Moore incorporated the Danucera Sculpting Stone gua sha tool for a lifted appearance on the red carpet. “It was essential for a lifted appearance on the red carpet,” he emphasizes.

Monae’s glowing complexion can be attributed to the carefully selected Danucera products, including the Cerabalm, D22 Tonic, Cream Supreme, and the Iconic Eye. Moore shares, “I started Janelle’s look with Danucera Cerabalm, which works as both a cleanser and moisturizer while keeping the skin feeling smooth and fresh.”

“To enhance her features,” Moore continues, “I incorporate Cerabalm with a Sculpting Stone, working the product into her skin to gently lift the face.”

The skincare regimen further included the D22 Tonic to exfoliate, tighten pores, and smooth skin texture, followed by the Cream Supreme and the Iconic Eye serum. Moore attests to these products leaving the skin exceptionally soft, providing the perfect canvas for his makeup application.

Celebrating Monae’s radiant appearance, WWD named her look Best of Beauty at the GRAMMYs, solidifying her status as a beauty icon.

ESSENCE magazine noted that Janelle Monáe’s style evolution is impeccable. If Monáe were to lead a masterclass on perfecting classic glam with a twist, she’d undoubtedly excel. From her earliest appearances in 2010, where she flawlessly melded iconic bouffant updos and bold red lipstick with tailored tuxedos, to her recent breathtaking presence at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards, Monáe’s evolution is unmistakable.

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