1. You need tweezers, scissors, a brush that looks like a mascara wand and a mirror.
  2. Comb your brows in an up and out direction.
  3. Make a decision of how you want your eyebrows to look. Try not to modify too much because the natural shape is already created to go with your features. (Optional: take a white eye kohl and color under and above the eyebrow to mark the part you want to tweeze. Do it on both eyebrows before you start tweezing. This way you will be able to achieve better symmetry)
  1. After you are done tweezing, take the brush and comb your brows up again. Now carefully trim the hair that is longer and goes above the line of the brow.
  2. Now, brush your brows down. Don’t trim as much as above the eyebrow.

The truth about trimming:
Trimming your eyebrows will make them look groomed and thinner. Keeping this in mind, be sure not to tweeze your eyebrows as thin as you normally would.

  • The best eyebrow shape is a bit of a fuller brow.
  • Starting thicker and slowly thinning out toward the edges.
  • When it comes to an arch, don’t over do it. Some people have straight eyebrows and trying to get an arch would make their brows too thin and it wouldn’t fit their features. Lift the arch just enough so you don’t have too much skin between your eye and brow. The higher you go, your eyelids might start looking droopy.

Keep it as natural as possible!
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