Well it’s now September and you may be thinking your skin looks dull, and sallow. Need a jump start? Perhaps a facial with LED can give you salvation!
This incredible treatment will rescue your skin from the ravages that UVA and UVB cause during the summer. First a thorough cleansing, followed by a very non-invasive superficial peel to help deal with photo-damage, fine lines, and wrinkles. Second step LED light therapy with recharges the skin cells deep within the tissue to repair damaged cells ans stimulate the rejuvenation process, which leads to more firm skin!! Hallelujah! Third- Develop an at-home skin care regimen with your skin care tech that will support the incredible process you are making with your facial treatments. Trust me- We won’t steer you wrong. Your family and friends will notice your new glow!
Esthetician Shannon Mansor