September is a month of changes.  Summer ends, school starts, the Vogue September issue is so thick one can hardly carry it as it reveals this season’s beautiful teal blue, and purple colors.   These bold and robust colors compliment all complexions.  I am immediately rethinking my current skincare regimen as it now seems out of season. Thorough cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating & protecting are the staples of a good skincare regimen, like the little black dress of your wardrobe. Let’s face it who wouldn’t use a cream, or serum that really makes a difference.  This season we may be in good luck.  My favorite Valmont products are getting a makeover.  With Swiss precision influenced by Asian beauty treatments and diet – Factors I, II, III eye & face have gone through innovations. DNA & RNA from salmon milt known for skin anti-aging properties.  Hyaluronic acid, proteins & peptides are encapsulated in the newest technology available only to Valmont’s Swiss patent.  Texture, the scent, the efficiency has all changed, and it’s incredible.
Factor I Expression Line Reducer: Favored by younger clients who are noticing their first expression lines.  Targets those lines as a result you get smooth and toned skin.
Factor II Lifting Corrector: Great for anyone over 30.  A powerful cell bio activator.  Containing a cocktail of anti wrinkle peptides with retinoic acid, extract from shiitake mushrooms.  Perfect for skin lacking firmness, corrects it instantly.
Factor III Dermo Structuring Master: Recommended for anyone 40+ since it offsets hormonal imbalances with Soy and Wild Yam extract, retinoic acid (known anti-ager), Triple DNA, RNA, and essential fatty acids. It targets those skins with deeper wrinkles. It’s simply restructuring.
Additional to these wonderful creams there is a Polyfactor III serum packed with higher levels of active ingredients; DNA & RNA from salmon milt, szechuan pepper (known Asian anti ager), and 3 levels of hyaluronic acid.  This serum absorbs better than cream, it’s more potent, acts like a topical filler and is an overall super charged serum booster.
The passing of time is a different experience for all of us but leaves us all with similar signs of aging on our skin.  Our complexion becomes duller, wrinkles are emphasized, the skin begins to sag… to cure all of these symptoms of life Valmont Swiss skincare experts invented TIME MASTER INTENSIVE PROGRAM.  This nano emulsion containing the most potent ingredients available on the skincare market penetrates within a fraction of a second and acts on all the factors involved in cutaneous aging.  A 28 Day program (can be repeated twice a year) regulates the functions of the skin and reverses the course of time.  Hydration is drastically improved with a unique blend of Hyaluronic Acids.  Skin’s vitality is improved with RNA & DNA patented formulas.  The wrinkles and firmness are improved with Elastin Reviver and a cocktail of anti-wrinkle peptides.  The synergy of all these ingredients restores the skin’s vitality with an incomparable skin glow.  Myself and some of my devoted Valmont clients can’t wait to try it, as it becomes available today! After indulging for a week in these velvety textures I feel my skin is lifted, sculpted, more hydrated, and plumped!  Seems to me like the best accessories this season.  The perfect compliments to our Fall facial special:
Haute Couture Facial: (75 minutes, $200) Fall into sumptuous beauty this season with the ultimate beauty collaboration, Rescue Spa for Biologique Recherche.  This luxurious facial begins with an oxygenating deep cleansing, followed by exfoliation, and a fruit acid mask to practically erase summer skin sins. Our special manual lift massage technique stimulates and improves the skin’s over all health and texture. Yet the pinnacle of this treatment is performed with Biologique’s Remodeling electric-current machine. This deep contouring, lifting, firming and non-invasive procedure is beloved by French designers and editors. It’s no wonder Jean Paul Gautier and John Galliano are regulars at Ambassade de la Beaute on Champs Elysees 32. Accessorize this season’s Deep Teal, Rich Plum, and Burnished yellow with youthful skin. These rich and robust colors of the Paris runways emphasize the beauty of all skin tones and texture. Radiant skin is a timeless accessory.
Owner of Rescue Rittenhouse Spa and Esthetician,  Danuta Mieloch
“Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow!  Creeps in this petty pace from day to day.  To the last syllable of recorded time.”  William Shakespeare – Excerpt from MacBeth