Esthetician Tirzah Fowler of Rescue Rittenhouse Spa in Philadelphia, demonstrates how to properly exfoliate.
The key to exfoliation is the product and how you use it. We highly recommend that you use P50 by Biologique Reserche. P50 acts as a toner and exfoliant to the skin. It removes dead cells and impurities that build up on a daily basis, improves strength and hydrates the epidermis, as well as balancing the surface pH of the skin.
Step 1: After cleansing, place several drops of P50 on a cotton pad.
Step 2: starting at the decollete and moving upward to the neck and face, apply using a gentle patting motion without rubbing and avoiding the eye area. Allow the product to dry.
Step 3: if you have oily or thick skin, you can repeat this step once again.
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