Everybody knows that men want to look good too. Most of them don’t want to have a big deal made out of it, but it’s on their mind (don’t let them tell you otherwise). Nor do they want to spend time with a complicated regimen. For most guys three products is the limit, and that includes shaving aids.
Guys need to get facials. Period. Back in the days of Mad Men (and before) when a straight razor shave
was de rigueur, barbers would use a number of hot towels and soothing serums/tonics to condition the
skin. They would extract ingrown hairs and perform a stimulating facial massage before tapping on a light moisturizer. Often there was a manicurist on site as well. And a boot black stand in the corner of the shop ensured that the man was totally groomed from head to toe. Even though men today may be more inclined to rock Nikes than Florsheim and use an electric or disposable razor they still need their skin tended to. Often they’ll have challenges with either razor bumps or blackheads on their nose. If your man is ethnic he may have issues with hyperpigmentation as well. These may all be resolved by using an effective regimen with consistency. Begin the process with a facial.
The best time to introduce your man to a facial is before a major event like a wedding or a class reunion. Most men can be enticed to a spa if they feel there’s a “legit” reason. I tell all my female clients to make a date night out of it too; it’s less intimidating that way. After their first facial they’ll be hooked.
The men I’ve performed facials on love Biologigue Recherche P50 lotion for its ability to reduce ingrown hairs and blackheads and improve the luster of their skin. Environs’ Gel Moisturizer is always a major hit because it hydrates without oiliness and has virtually no scent. In addition their Ionzyme products pack enough serious punch to address issues of hyperpigmentation. With the plethora of quality product lines at Rescue including Anthony Logistics, and Cellmen by Cellcosmet no man will feel neglected.
Esthetician Linda Harding,