“Some months ago, I wrote here about my first in a series of pre-wedding facials with the amazing Danuta Mieloch at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa.  I had been a little nervous about committing to a skincare regime, as I’ve long been the wash-and-moisturize-and-go type — but I wanted to make sure I looked every bit the glowing bride come October, so I was willing to step it up a bit if Danuta thought I should.
Happily, though, after that hour-long first facial (her facials pure magic, I swear it — lines seemingly just get buffed away), she told me just to tack on one little step to my nightly routine: a little of Biologique Recherche’s P50 exfoliating potion swabbed on my face. I have done exactly that, and when I showed up for my most recent facial, Danuta raved over my skin (which, admittedly, has been incredibly soft since the last appointment). This time, though, I was sent home with a daily-use sunscreen (SPF 25: Even though I’m extremely fair, Danuta says the real key to protection is re-application — more so than just using a high SPF) and instructions to apply eye cream around my eyes as often as possible, as that’s where my skin is its most delicate and dry.
Once again, my skin has showed an immediate improvement, and Project Glowy Bridal skin is making good and painless progress. I’ll report back in September, after the final facial, where Danuta promises some sort of Helen of Troy level glow. I believe her.”  
— Christy Speer