Rescue Spa and skincare line DANUCERA founder and celebrity esthetician Danuta Mieloch was recently interviewed by Hannah Baxter from POPSUGAR on the best ways to depuff your face and quickly!

First and foremost: lymphatic drainage!

Mieloch notes that “lymph nodes filter substances in our bodies,” and that a buildup of lymphatic fluid (often due to an excess of salt or alcohol) can leave the face looking puffy. By incorporating lymphatic massage techniques around the eyes, jawline under the cheeks will help to flush this fluid and contour the face. Lymphatic drainage focuses on moving this fluid towards the lymph nodes to encourage drainage and minimize fluid retention. 

Per Mieloch, “a proper lymphatic drainage technique with light pumping motions under the eyes and down the jawline will show an immediate decrease in puffiness.” She recommends utilizing a gua sha stone for even better results!

This tool is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. This flat, curved stone is used to massage and sculpt the face, leaving you lifted, toned, and glowing. This seemingly simple practice helps release facial tension, move stagnant lymph, and promote blood circulation resulting in a less puffy, and more defined appearance allowing the face’s natural contours to be enhanced. When we get the lymphatic system moving, we are allowing toxins and excess fluid to be released. This, along with increased blood circulation, makes for a natural glow to be returned to the skin. The Danucera Sculpting Stone is crafted from 100% natural white jade to heal the skin, release toxins and increase mental clarity. 

For those short on time, cryotherapy is a fast-track technique that is excellent for diminishing facial puffiness. Chilled tools, such as the Cyro-Sticks from Biologique Recherche. “I always finish my shower with cold water to invigorate and wake me up,” says Mieloch. Crafted from surgical stainless steel, these soothing, cooling cryo-sticks will help reduce skin inflammation and diminish puffiness, and make an excellent addition to your masking routine!

Homemade remedies can also be beneficial! “A trick of mine is to brew a chamomile or a black tea then freeze it into ice cubes,” she says. “Chamomile has calming properties, black tea’s caffeine is revitalizing, and the cryotherapy from the ice will depuff.” Couple this with your cryotherapy before starting your day for fast, noticeable results!

Finally, getting a little exercise can work wonders for any persistent puffiness! Incorporating gentle stretches and cardio “will energize the body and skin for more long-lasting effects,”. By making daily movement a part of your routine, this will lead to full body and mental wellness, a necessary but overlooked, part of your beauty routine. Finally, Mieloch leaves us with another important reminder: Drink plenty of water to hydrate inside and out!

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