Landen: What is Colostrum?

Ela: Colostrum is the mother’s first milk and no I am not talking about breast milk. It is a thick, yellowish fluid that is secreted by the mammary glands soon after a baby is born. In those first days of life, colostrum delivers essential nutrients for the newborn’s vulnerable digestive system. It has very little fat and less sugar than milk but it is rich in protein, growth factors and antibodies. Those antibodies are delivered from the mother to strengthen the baby’s immune system and protect them from certain infections. 

The form of colostrum that we see most often in supplements and skincare is bovine colostrum. It is so commonly used because of how chemically similar it is to human colostrum, which is what makes it so applicable within skincare. 

Landen: What is inside Colostrum?

Ela: Colostrum is a nutrient powerhouse, which is why it is not only extremely beneficial for newborns but for our skin too. The main proteins it is composed of act as antibodies that prevent bacteria and toxins from coming into the body. Its unique makeup of growth factors and growth hormones stimulate healing and slow down the signs of aging. Colostrum can’t be a nutrient powerhouse without containing all the essential vitamins, such as vitamin A, B12, E, magnesium, copper and zinc. These vitamins work together to support vision, skin and immune health. 

Landen: Why are growth factors beneficial for the skin?

Ela: Growth factors are the hormones responsible for stimulating growth and the regeneration of all body tissues. When talking about the skin, growth factors are beneficial since it stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans (GAGS). This stimulation is important because as we age we begin to heal slower, this is where growth factors come into play. They improve skin regeneration which leads to a thicker, healthier and happier epidermis. 

Landen: Why is Colostrum used in skincare? What are the Main Colostrum Benefits for Skin? 

Ela: Colostrum has many benefits for the skin, whether that be healing the skin, moisturizing the skin or to aid in anti-aging! Colostrum has amazing healing powers due to its antibacterial properties that help to regenerate injured or compromised skin barriers. It is an extremely unique ingredient that can be used on sensitive, compromised, rosacea or eczema prone skin. Some of my personal favorites come from Environ and Biologique Recherche.

The Vita-enriched Colostrum Gel has a high concentration of bovine colostrum, making it a powerful serum to help heal sensitive skin. I have a lot of clients that suffer from seasonal allergies, eczema and rosacea and this colostrum serum helps to calm the skin down, reduce redness and help heal the skin barrier.

Biologique Recherche’s Colostrum serum, Colostrum VG, is a great option for dry and dehydrated skin. This is actually one of the heaviest serums we have, making it a great option for anyone looking to restore their protective lipid barrier and maintain  hydration in the skin. 

Due to colostrum’s healing and regenerative powers, it makes for a great ingredient to use in conjunction with actives. With that being said, I have tried a lot of different retinol serums and Environ’s retinol is always my go-to! It gives amazing effects without drying and irritating the skin. Its high concentration of vitamin A and colostrum makes it the ideal formula to provide growth factors and moisture to the skin. After using it in the evening, the next day you wake up with glowing smooth skin. I believe any skin type will benefit from it, including clients suffering from acne. My clients love it!

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