Dear Rescue Spa Clients:

Our retail stores and spas are open — and here’s how we’re keeping everyone safe.

Both locations are open 10AM-7PM Monday – Saturday, 11AM-5PM Sunday *Hours subject to change

Spa Services:

  • Rescue Spa Philadelphia: As of October 15th, 2020 Rescue Spa Philadelphia is open for all facial services, massages, body treatments, hair, nails, lashes, lasers and more by appointment. You are also welcome to stop in for in-store shopping 7 days a week. For facial services, as required by PA state law, our estheticians will be wearing eye and mouth coverings, and will have proof that they have tested negative for COVID-19. We will also be taking client temperatures as well, for your safety and ours.
  • Rescue Spa New York: As of September 8th, 2020, Rescue Spa New York is open for facials, massages, body treatments, hair services, nails, and lashes, by appointment only. You are also welcome to stop in for in store shopping.  For facial services, as required by NY State Law, our estheticians wear both a face shield and face mask and are tested every 14 days for COVID-19.


To schedule call 866-772-2766 option 1
or email

How we are protecting the health and safety of our clients and employees:

The health of our clients and our employees is our priority and we want you to feel safe and comfortable when you’re shopping with us. We’ve followed the COVID-19 retail operations guidelines from the federal, state and local government to create an environment that’s safe for everyone. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we implement these new practices. Here are some of updates we’ve made:

  • Requiring face coverings for clients and employees.
  • Conducting temperature checks for our employees and requiring them to wash and sanitize their hands frequently.
  • Educating our employees about the symptoms and prevention of COVID-19.
  • Asking employees and clients if they are sick, or have been exposed to COVID-19 within the last 14 days, to stay at home.
  • Implementing sanitation stations with hand sanitizer at our entry ways.
  • Taking steps to allow for social distancing of six feet or more, including limiting the number of employees and customers at our locations and adding social distancing signage.
  • Maintaining physical distance, and limiting physical contact, during the shopping and checkout process.
  • Suspending the use of testers and sampling temporarily to maintain hygienic standards. 
  • As a spa, we already adhered to medical-grade cleaning and sanitation practices but we’ve added additional measures such as UV light sanitation to further ensure the health and safety of our clients and employees. 
  • Limiting hours of operation to allow time for additional sanitization and cleaning. 


Shop Rescue Spa: Always open for online purchases and Customer Service Text Chat or Video Chat at

Packaging: We are operating in line with advice from the World Health Organization and local authorities. We constantly make sure that all appropriate health and hygiene standards are adhered to.

Third-party deliveries: We continue to work closely with our 3rd party shipping partners to ensure that all appropriate health and hygiene standards are adhered to. We will continue to do our utmost to serve our customers and partners with the highest delivery standards possible throughout this period.

Returns: Due to concerns about the spread of coronavirus, we are temporarily only able to accept returns of unopened merchandise.

FREE for purchases over $500⁣
For purchases less than $500:⁣
• $20 for service between Canal and 59th⁣
• $25 below Canal or above 59th⁣
*Not available for the outer boroughs at this time.⁣

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