A New Perspective

Sometimes you have to leave a place for a while to really see it for what it’s worth. I am about to begin another workshop for the Oberoi Hotel Group in India, this time with the therapists at Wildflower Hall, Shimla in the Himalayas. The spa therapists in all of the locations thus far have a level of warmth, camaraderie and a genuine love for what they do. They are all very young and excited about life in general. The managers are unfailingly supportive, protective and very kind to their staff and guests, extending themselves in a way that I have rarely seen. Without a doubt the Hall of Fame award winning Oberoi Hotel Group epitomizes WCS, world class service. But what I have discovered after traveling halfway across the world is that so does multi-award winning Rescue Rittenhouse Spa.

The therapists at Rescue Spa are well informed, curious and passionate about their craft. We possess a level of expertise that can be measured against a global award winning spa group and not fall short in any regard. I have discovered that being allowed and even encouraged to take home loads of products to sample for personal use is an educational privilege that is not the norm even in a world class organization.

The reception that I have received as a trainer has opened my eyes to the importance of education for spa therapists. And so I send much respect to Danuta Mieloch for keeping us, the Rescue staff, educated, aware, on the cutting edge and providing us with awesome tools and products which ensure that we stay on top of our game. And I give props to the entire team at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa who is in my eyes without a doubt, the Best of Philadelphia and quite possibly one of the best in the world.







Linda Harding-Bond

Harpers Bazaar: Wrinkle Eraser

Ematrix is a device aimed at eradicating fine lines and facial scars using fractionated bipolar radio-frequency technology. Translation: Heat energy is delivered beneath your skin’s surface to trigger collagen production without damaging the epidermis (top layer), which means no recovery time necessary. ‘The beauty of eMatrix is that it spares the top layer of skin and deposits 95 percent of the energy into the dermis,” says Chasin. Imagine an inverted ice cream cone, says Nashville dermatologist Michael Gold. The tip of the cone represents the energy on the surface, and the scoop is the remainder, which spreads out underneath the skin. Investment: $750 to $1,200 per treatment.

*INSIDER TIP: eMatrix treatments are $500 per treatment at Rescue Spa

Ideal candidate: “A patient [age 35 to 45] who has early sign of aging — fine lines, some wrinkles. It’s wonderful for acne scars and surface-texture issues,” explains Chasin. Safe for all skin colors.

Problems targeted:  Fine lines, surface irregularities, pigmentation, wrinkles, and scars from acne, trauma, chicken pox, or surgery.  Doctors praise this device for its scar-banishing abilities, “and if I can get scars to go away, I can get wrinkles to go away,” Gold says.

Treatable areas: Face, neck, chest, and hands.

Treatments needed: For lines and wrinkles, two to three treatments spaced four weeks apart; for scars, three to four treatments spaced two to three weeks apart.

Treatment length: A 20-30 minute treatment.

Pain: “There is very little discomfort with this machine,” says Gold.  Patients feel a prickling or tingling sensation.  “Sometimes they don’t even need numbing,” he says.  A handheld device (imagine a toy gun) with an electrode tip is placed onto the skin to deliver heat energy below the surface.

Downtime: “Patients are generally red for a day or two max.  That’s it,” says Gold.

Results: Look for improvements in skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles, scars, and pore size after week three, with continued benefits (like skin tightening) for up to three or four months.

Risks: Hyperpigmentation and/or scarring is “extremely rare” but possibly with any energy-based system, says Gold.

Maintenance: Lines and wrinkles are continuously affected by the sun, so follow up with a treatment after a year.


The Gift of Beauty

The holiday season has started and we’re all juggling hectic schedules.  Let’s not forget that this is also party season and trying to look your best from day to night can be a challenge. Getting ready is as easy as can be when your skin is glowing, your eyebrows are well groomed, and your nails are prettily polished. There is no better time than the holidays to give yourself a day of beauty you deserve. So either schedule for professionals to tend to those needs or do it yourself. Set up time, draw a bath, apply a hydrating mask, paint your nails, and check out our video for perfect eyebrows.

While shopping for your loved ones don’t forget that beauty products are great stocking stuffers. Women are always reluctant to buy for themselves, even these days.  With beauty products you can’t go wrong, they are always used and appreciated.  Who wouldn’t like a fabulous matching shower gel and moisturizer and an elegant candle?

Here are our beauty favorites for the season…

  • Always at the top of the list, P50 “1970” it’s like a facial in a bottle for everyone!
  • Prime Regenera II is the richest most luxurious winter moisturizer we carry.  You can put it anywhere, including your lips and hands, like an S.O.S for your skin.
  • Our latest obsession is a perfume via Paris called Attache Moi — which translated from French means “Tie me up”.  The blend of musk, amber and lush wood notes make for an addictive combination and a unisex scent, highly seductive both for men and women.
  • We’re currently burning the Nest candle, it makes the room smell like the holidays as it conjures warm memories.
  • The Gift Set from Anthony is a simple solution for the man in your life.
  • Catherine Zadeh macrame bracelets with little messages like “breathe” and “live and let live” to keep  your spirits bright throughout the day.

Owner of Rescue Rittenhouse Spa,

danuta mieloch









Danuta Mieloch


Rescue Rittenhouse Spa: Best Of Philadelphia

Rescue Rittenhouse Spa, in Philadelphia’s historic Rittenhouse area, is a nationally recognized establishment: Danuta Mieloch, owner of and skincare expert, creates every treatment based on what she learned while working in the most exclusive day spas in New York and Paris.  Under her guidance, every aesthetician provides an unsurpassed level of service with treatments utilizing top-of-the-line skincare programs and the best in modern skincare technology.  This talented team treats everyone who walks into their opulent setting as a priority, meeting their individual needs and exceeding their expectations.  Rescue Rittenhouse Spa provides an unparalleled level of luxury in the heart of Rittenhouse Square.

Since Rescue’s inception in September of 2004 much praise has been given to this Philadelphia spa including “Best Facial in Philadelphia: Danuta Mieloch”-Philadelphia Magazine (2010), “Best Facial in Philadelphia: Danuta Mieloch” -Daily Candy (2010), “Best of Beauty, City Guide” -Lucky Magazine (2010), “Best Day Spa in Philadelphia” -Philadelphia Magazine (2009), “Beauty Blackbook” In Style Magazine (2007), “Best of Beauty in Phialdelphia: Facial & Nails”-Allure Magazine (2007), “Best Day Spa in Philadelphia” -Philadelphia Magazine (2007), “Best Manicure & Pedicure in Philadelphia “-Philadelphia Magazine (2007), “Best Massage in Philadelphia”-Philadelphia Style (2007), “Best Make-Up Artist in Philadelphia: Nives Riddles” -Philadelphia Magazine (2006), “Best Hard Massage in Philadelphia” -Philadelphia Magazine (2006), “Best Urban Spa in Philadlephia”-Philadelphia Magazine (2005)

With all of these awards its no wonder why Rescue Rittenhouse Spa is the best place in Philadelphia to get a facial, manicure, pedicure, or any of our other comprehensive services.  Call one of our beauty concierges at (215) 772-2766 or email us at info@rescuerittenhousespa.com to schedule a free consultation with one of our experts.