First, how does flying impact the skin?

As the same air circulates throughout the flight, “there are lots of germs and the build-up that occurs on the skin in-flight can be worse than what your skin usually deals with,” says Danuta Mieloch, an aesthetician and owner of Rescue Spa in New York City.

What should you do to prepare your skin before a flight?

First, start hydrating and drinking water prior to the flight. As Mieloch says, the more moisture you have within, the more hydrated your skin will be. Mieloch also suggests drinking coconut water. Another thing she recommends? “Be sure to exercise pre- and post-flight, as your overall well-being is important. Eat a light meal while flying.”

It’s common to see people putting on sheet masks while flying, but there are different opinions on their value in the air. Mieloch doesn’t recommend the practice because the skin is not at its cleanest.

How should you take care of skin after a flight?

“As soon as you arrive, make sure to pay attention to your skin-care routine,” Mieloch says, recommending a thorough double-cleansing to unclog pores, Biologique Recherche Lotion P50, a chemical exfoliator (but keep in mind it’s not for every skin type), masking, and replenishing with serums and creams.