Chantecaille launches Spring 2014 Save the Bees collection
Named the ‘Save The Bees Palette,’ the selection of silky-textured shades comprises of four flattering and illuminating hues, each designed to add a delicate springtime radiance to both cheeks and eyes.
Dubbed ‘Nature’s Pollinators,’ bees have played an important role in our ecosystems for millions of years. However their populations have vastly decreased over the past five years due to disease outbreak, climate change, repeated use of dangerous pesticides and even radiation given off by mobile phones.

As Founder Sylvie Chantecaille stated at the launch, “The environment is our passion,” a fact evident from the fantastic array of good causes championed by the brand in the past. Spring 2014 will be no different as Chantecaille turns its attention to our honey-hoarding, blossom-deflowering bumbling friends of the environment, as they aim to spread awareness on their integral role in nature and the effect their dwindling numbers will have on future fruit harvests and farmers’ livelihoods.

The initiative also hopes to draw attention to worldwide attitudes towards the environment and in particular the overuse of pesticides, by encouraging each country to raise the issue with their relevant authority.

With a golden ‘Honey’ highlighting shade, a more intense ‘Beehive’ brown, crisp ‘Sky’ blue and a fresh flush of ‘Nectar’ coral pink, this palette could hold the key for giving skin a much-needed spring in its step.