With Summer Swiftly Approaching, Tame Your Tresses…

By: Liz Szot – Hair Stylist

Around this time every year I have clients ask what they can do to keep their hair at its best during the summer months, so here are some of my go-to tips to ensure you’re putting your best hair forward all summer long!
Protect your hair and scalp from the sun. We all know we should wear sunhats, but when that isn’t possible try spraying a misting sunscreen 18 inches from your hair to protect your hair color and scalp from harmful UV rays. Be especially careful of damage the sun can do to your scalp if you have thinning hair, wear your hair in a defined part or have a short ‘do that leaves your ears exposed.
Wet your hair before you take a dip. By saturating your hair with fresh water before getting into the pool or ocean you will absorb less of the chlorinated or salt water into you hair, which will be less drying on your locks.
Keep ends hydrated. Make sure to pack a leave-in conditioner or oil in your beach bag to keep your ends from getting dry or frizzy. Oils are especially good to keep frizz at bay from dry, coarse or chemically treated hair; just make sure you aren’t applying them close to the face or scalp to keep from appearing greasy.
Get a glaze or conditioning treatment. Add a little extra something to your summer salon routine to keep hair sealed and shiny! A tinted gloss can even be used to help combat any brassiness caused by sun exposure. Treatments only take a few extra minutes and will pay dividends toward keeping your summer hair fresh, healthy and silky. 
Reassess your routine. What works for your hair in other seasons may not work in the summer. Whether it’s how often you shampoo, how you style, the products you use or the cut and color you choose, don’t be afraid to make adjustments to get the results you want! Not sure where to start, what to change or what new products to try? Come in for a consultation!
Use summer to your advantage. Changes in lifestyle in the summer (not to mention humidity!) can give you great opportunities to wear your hair in different ways! Learn an easy updo, skip the blow dryer to get beachy texture or try a fun headwrap.
Keeps ends trimmed. Fresh ends and a tailored shape are key to looking good at any time of the year! Overdue for a trim? Make an appointment now and enjoy your summer ‘do all season!
Yours in hair,